Elder Petersen has been called to serve in the México Tuxtla Gutiérrez Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He entered the Mission Training Center in Provo, Utah on July 5,2012.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Yajalon.....October 22,2012

Hey whatta ya know..(: hahah A mexican Bread store named after me(;
A park that overlooks yajalon
Anyway yup it is a pretty cool town that is just starting to grow with the gospel haha so it's cool little by little.. in church yesterday there were seven of us including me and one of our investigators haha.. but I guess and the missionaries have to give talks every sunday and we switch off on teaching the lessons hha this week I get to teach it(: so yeha the white kid that knows a little spanish is the one teachin but I KNOW HEAVENLY FATHER HAS FAITH IN ME AND SO DO ALL OF YOU(: (:.. And that's all the reassurance I need, and will ever need in my life.. haha But yup it's pretty cool! maybe this will beone of the places I will wanna bring you haha maybe.. it's kinda cray to get here(: but maybe(:
Anyway my fam.. haha.. this is the hardest time of the year.. THE HOLIDAY SEASON WITH NO ONE TO SHARE IT WITH:( hahahahah.. man it's tough but it's all part of it! There is no way I'll ever quit.. I'm a PETERSEN(: And I know how much this blesses all of you and that's enough for me.. I just am glad that time goes as fast as it does most days haha(:

Know that I love you.. I and don't just say that.. I am doing this for you and my heavenly father and fpr his son Jesus Christ!
It will make all this worth it when the day comes when I will see all of you here and when we meet which is soon!! Haha.. one more summer and football season(: And when you can meet all of the people I hope I make a difference with on the other side!(:

DAD I love ya and I'm glad it's that time of year when you can finally take a break.. You deserve it.. You are the hardest worker I know! And you are a great example to me here, you've taught me to love and have always shown me love and whenever I am tempted to be homesick and quit I think of you! I can't wait to get back and go geese huntin and duck huntin with you again haha I honestly miss that alot right now.. That last one I killed is still in my head.. I can still see it haha when I was in the back of the red rocket on the tool box and the wind was blowin and it sat in the same place and then bam.. hahah can't wait for that when I get back I miss the cold in my bones!!! I love you dad and I am so grateful for you. talk to you soon! Enjoy your break papa bear.. Cuidese(:

MOM I miss you so much!! You made me smile and laugh everyday.. I took that for granted, being here sure does make ya think haha and to be honest it is just what I needed in life, if I wasn't here I wouldn't realie how much you did for me and how much I took for granted.. I still remember that last hug you gave me hahah(: I had glitter on my face and shirt all day and didn't even realie it until that night.. Mom thank you for your love and support in everything I do, I can't wait to get another hug from ya, and that will be sooner than we know it.. I love you mom!

RIDGE hey there ya oompa llompa pop squat.. I hope all is well for you.. Your a beast bro.. Rockin that nike snapback, your gonna have to show me around the block and show me all the new trends and styles when I get back but I'm diggin that nike snapback.. Hey just remember to always count your blessings, your one stud, and heavenly father has blessed us with good parents that have taught us to be that way, and he's blessed you to be a leader and a friend to everyone so just remember to always be humble.. and count your blessings. Not to tell you what to do(; But anyway I love you bro, with all my heart, take care of Kort you two are brothers .. I'll be talkin to ya here shortly in a couple months for x mas and also face to face haha in less than about 19 months in November(: Times flyin eh? Stay fly derulo cake patty krabby.. tanks ridgey woo poo.. how's drew poo? Hopefully she's still likin you, and likin your pics on fb, hopefully I'm in your profile pic ?(: hahahah kiddin bro(: Love you(:

Goodness gracious are you okay? O wait it's just you as a dead person.. I though you hit puberty or somethin in that pic you sent me.. And you didn't change the one of me what he hel..ck dude.. Whatever I guess haha I love you buddy.. I miss seein you everyday. I hope you know that. I want you ridge and mom and dad to come and pick me up tho when that time comes in like 19 months.. so, We will get ya a Chiapas jersey then if you want(: Hope all is well with you buddy(: I miss you haha you made me laugh.. and your gonna do alot more of that when I get back times gonna fly! Take care of heliban poslain and same with ridge haha(: I love you bud.. (: Talk with yo soon(: Watch some walkin dead for me and play some fifa for me(:
Well have a good week love you all(: talk to ya soon
always prayinfor you(: Hope you feel em(: just now I remember the song "cheer up Charley..."haha
Me eatin elote(: and a peñafiel(: nacho lib status
The big catholic church.. The bells are ringin all the time ha pretty cool.. There's alot of these old temples around here

haha last p day I was gonna tell ya but we had to go work.. A lizard came runnin in the door hahah looked like a dinosaur cause it ran on it's back legs.. it ran right to me and I felt it on my leg hah then it jus chilled by my feet somethin scared it! but yeah cool lookin thing


This is our "Church Meeting house" in Yajalon

The Inside (;
A normal staircase in Yajalon...everything is uphill(;  Side of a Mountain!

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