Elder Petersen has been called to serve in the México Tuxtla Gutiérrez Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He entered the Mission Training Center in Provo, Utah on July 5,2012.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Another One Bites the Dust....... 9/24/2012

Elder Pete and a local kid.... Had to take a pic for Kort with the Chiapas Soccer team Shirt!
Hey there my beautiful family...(: Man do I miss you. Everymorning is pretty difficult haha.. It's cause we are so tighly knitted, and I'm so grateful for that! It's hard, and I think about you all the time. During the actual work is when it gets better cause we contact and I'm focused on that to(: BUt it's all good this week did fly by ha and I'm grateful for that. I'm healthy and happy to be doing this.. I still count down the days till I get back tho(;
Well it's a good thing I have two studs for little bros.. In the pics you already look like you've grown up so much(: I miss you guys and miss talkin to ya and hearin ya laugh! Hopefully your doin extra for me! It'll be a good day when the Petersen bros are reunited, and I'm lookin forward to it. Ridge well three nice bucks for you.. Thtat's sick that buck is a beast, your doin it big 2:40.. I know it's hard bein a cheerleader this year for football, but your team still needs your voice and advice.. keep bein you and keep bein a leader! Time flies and it'll be that time of year again before ya know it n you'll be knockin kids out again soon(: I'm jealous about the Navy Air Force game your gonna go to! Haha.. but I better get some pics to cry over or somethin.. haha chiste(: Nah thats awesome.. I miss ya bud.. Maybe you should write me sometime on here? Ya..? Miss ya bud.. Love you. Fight the good Fight.. keep the faith(: Enjoy the cold freshness back home for me hahah.. Kort, dude your gettin so big(: Muscle man right now, no wonder your ownin that football field.. Keep it up! Cant wait to watch ya tear it up when I get back(: And that time will come soon.. I'll be flyin home sooner than we all know it.. I love ya so much bro, keep up those push ups so you can kick my butt when I get back! I am gonna come back with some sweet soccer jerseys to, I promise(: Love ya bud and I'll talk to ya next monday.. peace out.
Majah and Fajah.. Mom and Dad.. hahah I love ya so much. You raised a good son(: I am so blessed to have you in my life and the example you have been to me.. I try and convey that love every single day out here.. I miss ya so much but time is flyin! That will be one awesome day when I come home(: Can't wait to see all of you.. Mom, if you haven't sent that package yet.. I thought of something I could use, some more Daily Vitamins.. Centrum or whatever.. But if ya sent it it's all good I think I have like 80 or so left.. so yeah.. But anyway.. I love you all so much. I am so lucky I can talk to you this way every monday, it gives me somethin to look forward to!(: I wrote you a letter and sent it this last monday, so let me know if, and when ya get it haha.. Also, I won't worry about it anymore after this cause whatever happens, happens hahah but mom will ya tell Janae my mission adress cause my last letter was another old adress for the mission here, but if she sent somethin I'm sure I'll get it. But yeah jus tell her about my new adress and my blog..? Thanks for all ya do.. I love ya both so much.. Your all in my prayers 24/7 I hope this is blessing you all far more than it is me.. Dad I am eating well haha I buy PB&J at the stores so I'm set.. I pray for my health everyday, cause I don't wanna get sick! Ah, I miss you all and delta. It ain't easy bein cheesy tho! I hope time keeps flyin and goin faster as I learn the lang. I miss delta to haha and cool air with no humidity(: but it's all good, man what an experience and some awesome memories.. I hope all is breezy and swell back home. I'm gonna send some pics with another email..
Well until next week, Kort your a beast, keep smillin for me... Ridge, buy a JOnes for me haha, and more than anything if I could give you advice.. Take every single moment you are experiencing right now into your heart. Soak it all in.. It's some good times.. It'll be cool to be able to share 2 years of it with ya when I get back.. You can tell by the way I walk I am a womens man.. Stayin alive, stayin alive, stayin alive, ah ah ah ah, Stayin alive.. hahah Get weird... hahah that song is palyin right now.. MOm I love ya so very much and miss everything you did for me.. Can't wait to get home.,. I am one blessed kid and there is no doubt I have the best mom on the planet or anywhere else in the stars! I love you, miss you. Dad, I miss talkin to you, and workin with ya everyday, I might sound crazy haha but I pretend I'm talkin to ya out here ahah.. I may have lost my mind.. BUt I miss ya.. I love you so much and you have been the best teacher in my life, I'm so blessed to have a dad and a role model like you, love you dad, I know I'll be seein you all soon.. I feel all of your prayers, and all of your love everyday, all I have to do is think of you and it brings me back to that happiness. Stay happy, AND SMILE! We have so much to SMILE about, and so much to be grateful for.. well I love you all,
With all my love I can possibly give,
Eating and Studying....
Eating well with a Member Family :-)
Elder Pete and Elder Reyes messing around...:-)

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