Elder Petersen has been called to serve in the México Tuxtla Gutiérrez Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He entered the Mission Training Center in Provo, Utah on July 5,2012.

Monday, November 5, 2012

1st Week in Tuxtla Gutierrez Mexico....Sept 10,2012

Elder Petersen heading out to preach the gospel :-)

Hey (:
Well, nothin new.. Just kiddin. hahah, pretty much my whole life is
brand new(: Its crazy!! My first area is in Tuxtla. The area in Tuxtla
is called Reforma.. hahaha says it all! It's the poor part of the
city. Lots of poverty, dirty, trash but I guess that's mexico huh(:
For the most part the people here are so humble and nice tho. Hasn't
been any problems mom(; hahah.. I'm pretty homesick when I look at
pics but I love lookin at em. I miss all of you so much! This week was
probly thee longest and hardest week of my life, so far. So of course
I am gonna remember it(: What a culture shock(; BUt I for sure can
feel your prayers and I can feel the blessings that come from them.. I
pray mucho for you all to.. I decided if I wanna see you all soon I
need to get lost in the work(: I know everything will be taken care of
and fine back home, this week has just been hard. And I'm a baby to so
that don't help anything(; hahah.. O man is it hot and humid down
here! Good grief!!(: It's like a greenhouse haha I can't wait to
experience fall and winter again..(: BUt although it might be
difficult, there is no other place I'd rather be. Time flies and I
need to do this work for my savior, for me, and for you all(: Time
will fly(: My first companion is a cool kid! His name is Elder Reyes.
He is from Hidalgo,, haha and nope, he doesn't speak any english so
yeah, that has added to this crazy place!(: It's just a dirty place
and it smells like gas and garbage hahah but I gotta love it(: I
probly sound like I'm complaining.. I'm not tryin to just statin the
truth! It sure has humbled me that much more to.. These people live in
concrete or brick metal sheet squares crazy.. Some places are nicer
than others to that's all I'll say(: The food has been good I'm
careful about what I eat to haha and they supposedly have clean water
that they sell down here hahah but I won't ever drink it! Sprite,
fresca and gatorade and milk for cereal will be fine! I don't wanna
ever get sick! KNock on wood!!
Anyway I love hearin about all the stuff at home, even though I'm
pissed about the UTES and my STEELERS:( haha Utah State must be a
force to be reckoned with! ANyway hey Ridge and Kort keep bein cool!
Cause when I get back your both gonna be bigger than me! Gurantee it..
hahhah this dang humidity makes me sweat 247.. Jk I think I have
stayed the same weight(: I'll still be able to whoop your A words...
ANyway I think I answered everything.,. Like I said I am gonna miss
fall and winter! IT's flippin hot as crap haha and the humidity is
what gets me.. Pretty sure I'm theonly white person here hahah not
like UTAH at all (: wow... I get stared at like I'm a beautiful
monster or somethin, but all I can do is smile.. Practice what I
preach(: I've had some pretty cool experiences already here..
Missionary work is amazing..

I just want you all to know how much I love you, And I mean that with
all my heart. I couldn't even try doing this without your love.. I can
feel your prayers! I am gonna try to attach some pics hopefully you
get em(: This is my p day and yeah.. I love you al! O hey ridge!!!
hahah this is dumb but ask Janae if she got the package I sent her? I
sent it last MOnday it was in a big yellow envelope with pics and some
other letters so text her and then tell me tell her to email me to
please? I don't think I'll be sendin anymore letters:( hahah It's
crazy enough!!
I love you all don't worry about me! I am fine! Keep doin what your
doin and pray for me.. I will be home before we all know it!(; Till
then, hope all is well(: Keep me updated(: Elder JADEN MARK PETERSEN
LOVES YOU ALL(: Kort your pic made me laugh slash cry, wish I could
squeeze ya right now... Ridge your a beast, get weird.. tell your
firends hola(: dad, miss ya your saying and advice keep me goin... Mom
I can feel your love everday. Can't wait for my homecoming(: But, hope
all is well everything is fine here.. We are all on a good team(:
hahah There playin wide awake, by Katy Perry right now in the internet
cafe.. (: A kid is playin FIFA 12 behind me.. yup..(: LOVE YOU ALL(:
till next week, this is Elder Jade Petersen... Peace out(:

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