Elder Petersen has been called to serve in the México Tuxtla Gutiérrez Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He entered the Mission Training Center in Provo, Utah on July 5,2012.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

HoLa...... October 8, 2012

Distrito,, some are flyin home this month and next month
Gringos... the one on the far left is on his tippy toes hah he leaves next month he's a stud. and our district leader
Hey y'all..(:
What a week! I am grateful that the weeks go by pretty fast! I hope the time is goin fast for you to! This week was conference and I was lucky to listen to one session the Sunday morning one in English haah me and Elder Parker were the only two watchin it with other Japanese people haha it was different but good! It's good to have him in my district and have a break hah.. Elder Holland is my favorite. The rest was in spanish ahah cause of different reasons but hopefully next conf I can watch it all in English! But who knows times flyin! I also really like when Thomas S. Monson said "The Future is as bright as your Faith." It was cool when the final hymn was God be with you till me meet again to(: I know times gonna fly! I'm grateful to be here and share the light of Christ with those souls that have been softened and are willing to listen and feel of this message! Hahah there are alot of people here to that would honestly talk all day if they could, and it bugs me cause my comp. sits there and doesn't say anything he's way to quiet. And so I am the rude one that says Peace out haha but it's all good my espanol is slowly coming along a little more every week!... I was told by a native that the spanish down here and up in Merida and the Yucatan and Tabasco is hard(: It's fast and there is many different accents! But it's all good! Grateful for this haha. I am healthy and we have changes this next monday so I will let ya know hopefully before hand when I change!(:
I miss cold weather! And the change hahah 20 more months of Summer(: But it is okay(: I'll come back lookin a lil bit more tan.. haha SO I was thinkin to, I wanna do another Fam Vacation when I get back haha.. I'll be able to hablar Espanol to(: SO yeah we should plan one? haah.. and a toyota tacoma to?(; hahah na.. I just miss all of you so much and I cannot wait to get back home after this. I love ya all so very much.
I know I am a lil early today with the writing so it's all good I will have double the letters next week(: hahah or maybe I'll get them here soon..(: Hope all is well at home, I pray for you all daily 24/7. You are what's most important in my life and I love ya! I was thinkin, this football season is pretty much bout done.. haha and those come and go so fast. One more football season and I am pretty much headed home(: It's crazy to think that Drake Walker comes home in June! times gonna fly!
Ridge hey bro, how's it crackin.. hopefully not to much. I decided when and if I have a dog in the future I am gonna name him JR. so rememebr that.. hopefully your enjoying the fall atmosphere and lovin life man.. Ha I miss it and the holiday season! (: But I know it's blessing you so that is fine by me(; Keep striving and working to better that possible everyday! Love ya brotha..One more football season and I'm practically home(: Gonna buy a white Chiapas Jersey today for ya(;: haha or the orange one whatever one ya want.. I dono if you heard about conference but haah president MOnson said to the whole world now you can be 18 to serve a mission haah if you even wanna(: But that's cool ya!? haha i'd prob still wait till I was 19 but whatev(; Love and miss ya man.. Hope all is well pray for you everyday. Stay strong and Carry on my bro!(: Can't wait to see ya again..(:
The Orange Chiapas Soccer Jersey... 
Kort keep tearin up that football field(: Love ya brothat.. Play some FIFa for me haha chiapas!! Enjoy this time of year hah there are kids down here that will never experience that! So enjoy it for me and them(: And smile that studly smile man.. Love ya bro!(: I'm always praying for you(: Be everyones friend!!
I want you both to know that this week I have learned a lot about myself! Just like you said dad, hah I was brought to my knees and humbled for sure.. I am so grateful for the challenges I face and I can't thank my father in heaven for this oppurtunity enough. There are things in this 2 year adventure that I wouldn't learn anywhere else. I have gained my own real, and personal testimony.. When I come back I don't expect to be changed a whole lot haha cause that's just me, and my comp get's mad but he's perfect so that's all good(: But I am so grateful for this!
I hope this is blessing you everyday! Can't wait to share my stories with you when I get back!
I want you all to know that I can look every single one of you in the eye and tell you I love you. I love you all from the bottomof my heart and with all the energy of my soul! I know I say this alot, ha but I can't wait to get back andbe with you all again(: It honestly amazes me how fast time passes. I'm so grateful to be feeding those sheep and there is no other place I would rather be on Earth right now than here in Chiapas; Mèxico serving these beautiful people. What a blessing it is.. I will be seeing you soon(:
Love Your Son, and Your Brother(: Elder Jade Petersen(:
"God Be With You Till We Meet Again"(:
P.S. Don't worry I haven't lost my funny personality.. (: hahaah..
Been singing Justin Bieber Boyfriend all weekç
Heatmeiser and christmas songs haha wow.. love ya fam(:
Plan a vacation(: Buy me a Toyota Tacoma(:
haah mom I have some christmas wants/necessities but next email
HOPE ALL IS WELL IF NOT I'M FLYIN HOME(; not but seriously...
It's a really nice house for this area I'm clean and safe!
This is my Charlottes Web outside my door... It says JADE really big by my forefinger :-) haha

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