Elder Petersen has been called to serve in the México Tuxtla Gutiérrez Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He entered the Mission Training Center in Provo, Utah on July 5,2012.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Well... Another Week and our First Baptism!! Sept 17,2012

Hey there my beautiful family(:
I sure do miss you all! But, this week flew by and I don't even know the language yet haha! I know my father in heaven will always be there for me and times gonna fly, even tho this week I was probly the most homesick I'll be the whole mish it's all good. I want you aqll to know that I love you all with all the energy of my beating body! That's all of me! I'm so grateful to have been blessed with a loving family and I can easily call all of you my best friends. I dono bout you guy but I'm pretty sure we are the best family on planet Earth. Hmm.. yup. Well anyway, I just wanna thank you all for the emails and the support, I am lucky I get to email and have quick response and close contact with you, so I will quit cryin!(: Dad hearin your mission stories and hearin your advice does so much for me, I think about it all throughout the week and it's an extra boost to keep me goin, and extra advice that I won't forget and carry with me all mission long.. Mom, your emails are always full of love, and I sure miss havin my mom around to make me everything and take care of me!! hahaha! It's the straight up truth! I'm really being even more humbled out here! But mom, the pics that you send of everyone and the changing of the seasons is awesome! I miss that so bad, haha, only 21 more months of Summer! I love seein all of you and it makes me feel so grateful and lucky. I'm so blessed I have your support and can't wait to see you all when that time comes(: Ridge hopefully your doin alright man, Injuries suck! Espcially neck, I never had a serious one like that so I hope that your doin good bud. Just stay strong and still work hard, maybe baseball and basketball are the only sports you'll go pro in..? Just stay tough and I miss football, so keep watchin it for me... haha.. Love you so much 2:40.. 21 more months and we'll be chillin again.. You can drive me to go get a Jones(: haha.. Kort.. How the froot loops are ya mclovin..? I miss ya buddy. Hope ya know how awesome ya are. Your Chiapas Drawing is above my bed. And your Elder Petersen drawing is ina binder I have covered so it won't get ruined with everyones letters to(: Your a stud, wish I could be there to watch ya play football right now! But there will be plenty of football watchin and hangin out, and playin FIFA 14 when I get back..(: P.S. the kid behind me is playin FIFA right now on a tv... hahah GOOOOOOOOOOOOALLLLLLLL... Ahh, Miss ya all so much, But I'm fine when we are teachin so that's what it's all about, time is gonna fly! I'm sure it's harder for all of you but I dono.. haha... It'll all be good and I'll be home soon! In the mean time, your always in my prayers ( I pray a lot, all day everyday(: ) and I know I'm in your prayers to. I honestly can feel your love and comfort, I am so blessed to have your support and love.. I won't ever take it for granted in my life ever again! O mom the mission home/office is in Tuxtla the adress is this:

Mision Mexico Tuxtla Gutierrez
Calle Jazmines 210
Fracc. Los Laureles
Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas, Mexico
C.P. 29020

Yeap, I was told we get letters and packages once every month, and I'm pretty close to the office here by Tuxtla so I will get it if not this month, in October for sure. They hold em everytime we meet or somethin? I dono I'm still new..haha.. but yeah it's like a month.. and who knows if I go anywhere else! Hopefully I'll have email the whole time!!!! I will hope! I'm sure I will..

Anyway, well... I'm one pumped amigo about the Utes! YEAH BUDDY! haha, if they woulda lost it woulda been one sad year.. Anyway I sure miss watchin football with all of you so thanks for the updates! Well, good ole Tuxtla Gutierrez is hot and humid, haha but unfortunately this is the rainy season.. Yup the hottest part is is May and June.. (: hahahah, happy birthday me(: But yeah I can't see it gettin hotter than it has here, it doesn't rain eveyday usually every other day is a down pour tho.. Me and elder Reyes were on our way to an appointment and it was kinda drizzlin when all the sudden bam! Lightning no joke about 120 yards ahead of us.. I felt the electricity, and the buzz hahah it was sketch! Missionaries are protected! Sorry mom I knew you'd wanna hear that haha, o and I will take pics of our house this week we are actually lookin for another one right now, this one has no running water haha buckets for showering and yeah.. but yup.. I baptized Gaby this week it was amazing they had been teaching before I got here but the week I got here, I invited her and she accepted! haha we are working on her mom and dad her other sisi is already baptised.. I also gave a ten minute talk in spanish in the ward.. hahaah, yup.(:

I wrote down some quotes that reminded me of all of you. "One of the great purposes of true love is to help each other, we can endure anything if we have someone at our side who truly loves us, who is easing the burden and lightening the load." And one more, "True love blooms when we care more about another person than we care about ourselves." I want you all to know I couldn't do this without any of you.. SO keep bein my awesome fam. I love you all with all my heart.. I'm already lookin forward to talkin to you next week.. Thanks again for all your love and prayers and thoughts. Your always in my heart and mind everywhere I go to!!(: Scrip of the missoin till I get home for all of you! (:
D and C 84:88
Para Siempre Dios este con vos (:
Elder Jade Mark Petersen
Striking a pose....................

Yep.... still has to put on the Red Vans in the apartment :-)

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