Elder Petersen has been called to serve in the México Tuxtla Gutiérrez Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He entered the Mission Training Center in Provo, Utah on July 5,2012.

Friday, November 9, 2012

(; October 29,2012

Haha some hombres I filmed, it will be a great vid..(:
Hey momma! Hey There Poppa! Hey there KORT MORTimer! Hey there lepper! (Ridge) (jk get better, prayin for ya)
Hey there grandpa christopher, grandma josefine, grandma georgina, AND.... GRANDPA JOE!

haha yup I washed my clothes and it went well(:... haha after this I'm headed to comprar(: Ha but yup it's funny and weird I am doin my growin up in Mexico hahah it hit me this mornin when I woke up that I'm not a little kid anymore haha.. well that hit me when I flew out of Utah but yeah it's funny how I realize things at different points! I'm sure grateful for this experience tho.. Ha the work is way tough here in Yajalon and the pres. is thinkin about what to do here.. It's beacause there has been missionaries here for two years almost and not much progress.. and the assitence at church is very little! 8 and 11 this week haha including the missionaries, so, I am kinda thinkin that I might be transferring again after this transfer.. but who knows, all I know is the president who I will talk bout in a min is thinkin about this place and the future of it with missinonaries.. All in the time of Heavenly Father.
The pres. has made a new rule this transfer, and I hope it only lasts this transfer. It's no kocking on doors hahah.. yup. He is one strict guy to, this makes the work here that much harder, cause there is only one day when like the whole town is at the town square so that's our best bet to contact and proselyt haha it's difficult! SO right now we have appointments but the people here just don't seem to want to accept the gospel, but they are really good people. It's that kind of frustrating hard.. For me.
But yeah.. we have districto meeting on wednesday, and it depends on when I train, I only train for my first 12 weeks.. and after that its normal haha.. so yeah.. maybe after this transfer I will be a trainer for the tons of new missionaries that are gonna start coming into the field haha.. pretty amazing.. It is an assurance to me that the time and coming of our Savior is closer than we think. But still not for awhile but it's just one of those signs when the prophet lowers the age for more reinforcements haha.. pretty cool.. anyway yup another week closer! And it feels and my mind portrays days to go by faster beacuse of the sun and time being set back one hour.. The days are fast! I'm so grateful for that can't even tell ya..
 I'm doin good, and happy and well, this week is the halfway mark of this transfer.. haha this ones goin by fast, I have a feeling time will just gradually keep goin faster and faster as the language keeps slowly comin.. I'm so grateful to be serving this work.. I have no doubt in my mind this is where I needa be right now.. I can't wait to find those people he has prepared that I can truly make a connection with, even if it's one person. I am so grateful for this.. I love you all so much, I can feel your love and your prayers!(: Times Flyin!(:
I have only a couple pics haha I've been videoing more cause I wanna make a vid when I get back!(; I will try to send those to.. anyway.. I love you. An I'm grateful to be your son, and your brother(: Can't wait to get back to all of you..
Elder Petersen(:
 Haha little Doras
 A families house where we eat. rice and beans nuff said

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