Elder Petersen has been called to serve in the México Tuxtla Gutiérrez Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He entered the Mission Training Center in Provo, Utah on July 5,2012.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Elder Pete's Weekly Ramble (; 11/5/2012

Where on Earth is the time goin!(: Its November I guess hah.. wow. I am amazed how fast it passes, its on a whole other time zone in this work. How grateful I am to be serving my father in heaven in this sacred work.. I have no doubt that this is his work .. and that this church is the true church of Jesus Christ.. The perfect church that our father has given us(: I just feel very very humbled and grateful for all that I have in my life.. I am grateful that my father has blessed me with the knowledge of this plan.. loving parents and amazing family and examples in my life. I'm grateful to live in a time during the restored gospel is here on the earth and to be able to teach it.. to those people that have been prepared.. and for the privilege to meet and love them.. Times seriously flying and I'm so grateful for every second that I have here.. Well hah anyway..
This week was fast, conference was great. Elder Johnson and his wife gave a good conference. It was good to hear and learn.. ! Fo Sho!(: Haha on the way home I was the sickest Ive ever been! We rode in a bus and we sat in the back hahah wow(: But I lived! (: I learned that taxis are better here(: Anyway lemme get off my soap box.. Haha I had a good week tho!(: Yesterday we had a good testimony meeting ha I bore my testimony and cried.. I needa learn to not cry haha but dang the spirit was there.. there was only 13 people there to including us.. But I have faith that there will be a ward here soon.. 4.. 5 months from now. President Cardenas talked to us at conference about our area.. cause hes been thinking about what to do here. And today he called and hes pulling missionaries out of Yajalon for now.. So at the end of this transfer maybe sooner.. I will be transferring again.. I dono I guess everything has a reason behind it! We have one baptism this coming Saturday so I hope it will work out! But I am leaving for who knows where on the 26 for sure! Pretty loco.. haha not knowing where or what's gonna happen.. but I know nothing will happen to me I'm doing the lords work and I know I'm being blessed..!(: But anyway.. just thought Id fill ya in.. ! This week was good the work was about the same we always have people come up to us but they are from Veracruz or Cancun or the Yucatan ha they say they wanna know more so we give them reference cards for missionaries in there areas! But the work here is about the same.. Not much progress. But we still have time. I'm loving every day of it!

Well how are all you?? Isnit getting cold n snowy yet? Haha I'm gonna miss that till I get back!(: Its crazy to think tho!.. well its reassuring that after this holiday season which is right now haha I have one left!(: I know that times gonna fly! I am glad I'm doing this but hah I cant wait to see you all.. I still have those days every once in awhile where I'm homesick but it passes fast when I remember that I am gonna be comin back to all of you in very short time! Ill be a bit of a changed man(: hahah.. And I have some good stories already so ill be full of em by the time I get back haha (: well.. seasons keep comin n goin.. haha for you.. Its hotter than a prize pig here.. (: O!! In San Cristobal its actually pretty chilly hahah so I would be fine to go there! At least once for my mish ahha its cold! But anywho.. I will do the samething and write you all again after a little while. Cant wait to hear from ya. Hope your all well and doing great.. Love you. ELDER PETERSEN

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