Elder Petersen has been called to serve in the México Tuxtla Gutiérrez Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He entered the Mission Training Center in Provo, Utah on July 5,2012.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

¿Donde se fue el año pue?

Well I have 7 months down haha! And it's 2013!(: This year is gonna absolutely fly.. Well today I don't have much time we are goin to the ruins after this and wanna go tho the shops in San Cristobal in Santo Domingo also so I have limited time! But good grief ya all sound excellent! Hahah this past week it straight rained. Not hard itis a weird jungle mist rain, so it was fine by me. Well yeah all is well here! My comp is headed home thursday and tomorrow I'll have a new comp Elder Cuevas I think, But yup all is well.. I will be in Yajalon for 10 more weeks haha cause this next transfer is gonna be longer with missionaries extending, which is insane if ya ask me(: I promise I won't go over my two year limit(: BUt yup we will be headin back to good ol Yajalon again tomorrow. I think this comp I'm gonna have has almost th same amount of time as me. So after this transfer I think I'll be leavin cause after this transfer I will have 6 months in Yajalon! And this week we baptized my grandma from yajalon! it was really cool the mission leader here baptized her I will send the fotos next week cause the internet here is slower than a horse derulo in yajalon.  Anyway! I'm doin good and times flyin! I hope it is for you all to! It will honestly feel like tomorrow when I am headin home! This year is gonna be one fast year!

Well yeah I'm glad your all doin good(: Ridge is gettin his braces off what a stud! (And yeah mom about my mouth I will wanna try that procedure with Uncle scott and the clear stuff(: ) And Kort havin his party! Your growin up stud muffin! School startin again, times just a flyin.. I am so thankful for you mom and dad. Thanks for your letters and words of encouragement. You have no idea how much I appreciate you guys, your the ideal exmaples for me and I am so grateful to call you my mom and dad! I hope all is well in the home and I am sorry it's so damn cold outside! Hahah I really wish I could have some of that.. It will be weird to not feel the humidity when I get back but I'm excited(:

I still haven't recieved your package for christmas but maybe I will soon!! I got the one from G&G Petersen! I will get it soon! Well I hope your all happy and healthy haha I love ya all so dang much and miss you all a ton.. But honestly the time is flying! I will be gettin close to the end really quick! We just gotta keep prayin and all will be well(: Mom that quote is awesome gotta love winnie the poop. (: Thank you for all the prayers and love.. I HAVE / MONTHS FAMILY!! haha...

Hope you guys all have a great week, and stay warm.. Wish I could send some your way and you guys could send me some cold(: But ah well haha the seasons come and go! Well for you guys.. It's just gonna get even hotter here(: Well we are headin to toniña again! Wish I was goin with you all, but we can all come someday! Well my Petersen family I'll be on for a bit longer to see if ya write back but if not I will talk to ya soon(: I LOVE YOU ALL!
KEEP ON KEEPIN ON(: This time is very short and it's flyin and after the year mark it will be even faster and then we will start preparing for my homecoming! By the way mom I want everything to be american haha hamburgers and hot dogs sandwiches and spaghetti! And banana cream pie hahaha jus sayin!
Well yup I love you all so much be safe and take care, I?ll do the same(:
Elder Jade Mark Petersen!

Thursday, January 3, 2013


Well right out the shoot I wanna wish Kort "K Sauce derulo lafluer" Petersen. A hap hap happy birthday(: The BIG 10!! Crazy dude, hope ya have a good b day, don't get to weird(: We will be hangin out again before ya know it ya..(:

Hello hi ya! My Family..(: Just so ya know I'm happy haha(: That crying was pure joy(: and the last little bit was hard.. But don't worry(: I stopped cryin yesterday haha nah I'm doing good and what a true blessing it was and is to get to talk to you like that. This time is so short! I'm truly grateful to be serving my father in heaven, and to be growing for life! It is so good to be able to know I will always have your love and support! Well then it's almost 2013!!! I'm sure your all bout to party hardy(: haha I'll be Eatin a tuna sandwich and goin to bed at 1030(: ha.. But I will have a lifetime of family and holidays when I get back so I am grateful for the blessings we are goin to be receiving! I love you all so very much! (: That day is drawing nearer and nearer each day! I can't wait!
I just want ya to know how much I love you! And I know it's harder than chewin on a derulo chief boot but thank you so much for bein patient, and your prayers and thoughts, I can sure feel em it's amazing(:!!! I will be seeing you all soon in may and then after that I'm on the downhill journey of the mish(: Dad just wann thank you for your strength and encouragement thorughout all this! I am grateful for you, and honestly can't wait to get back and work with ya haha I miss that, and huntin and just talkin with ya. This missoin is exactly what I needed to realize how much you all mean to me. Mom thanks for your love and everything you do everyday to make sure I'm happy and doin good! ICAN FEEl IT! I have the best mom on planet earth, can't wait to get back and eat your food, neither can my stomach, gonna straight up ball like a derulo giraffe when I eat it, pure joy!!((; Ridge, your my bromo, nuff said yeah.. no? Well can't wait to get back and do a lot of chill stuff with ya.. We are gonna have some good ol times miss ya man but keep your chin up and keep bein a boss! I have a scrip for ya! It's in D&C 121:7 - 10 (: It has helped me loats on the mission! It reminds to just keep smilin and I remember all my blessings.. Thanks stud miss ya hope I'll talk to ya before may 12 (: haha Keep it real weird.. Kort! Dude your 10. I love ya and I'm gonna smoke your trash in FIFA 14 when it comes out and when I get back so ya better practice good and weird. I love ya man.. I wanna hear from ya if not may 12 it is! BE HAPPY! YUP truth is I HAVE THE BEST FAMILY HONESTLY IN THIS HERE PLANET(: Love ya so much.

Well nothin new honestly to report... Goin to san cristobal wednesday and after our meetings there is a pizza restaurant there that's delish gonna eat there and then back to it, I love the taxi rides(: And This is the last week of this transfer. So this time next week I'll be Tonina again cause my comp wants to see the ruins.. And then San Cristobal. A new comp and maybe a new area! Who knows! But yup the mish is crazy but I'm grateful for our father in heaven, and for our lord Jesus Christ! The days go by fast! Usually, haha but I know that this work is true and the end will be comin up on me soon enough just gotta let "come what may and love it." I hope all is well with you! I love you all so very much!
Have a happy new years eve! And a very beautiful new year 2013(: This year is gonna be full of some good times sand some hard times to of course but we need to always remember we are family and we are lucky to have each other! It's gonna fly by to(: I just hope this year brings you all tons of blessings happiness health and miracles(: I love ya all so much and well can't think of anything else! BE SAFE! D.A.R.E. ( you know what it means Kort.) BE HAPPY! SMILE! And love life... it sure is a blessing thta we have!

Best Christmas Present EVER!!!!

We were able to see and talk to Elder Petersen on Christmas evening via Skype for about an hour!!!! Technology is such a WoNdErFuL thing!! :-) 

He looked and seemed Happy..... Just still a bit Homesick being Christmas and all....We all cried but it was a joyful cry... so happy to actually see him and he seemed pretty happy to see us as well.... !!

He was struggling a bit on speaking english to us... that is AmAzInG!!!!  Love him sooo Much!!!

But we all feel like this little video time can tie us over for a bit.......  What an amazing experience for us all :-)

Elder Pete "Skypeing" us on Christmas Day :-)