Elder Petersen has been called to serve in the México Tuxtla Gutiérrez Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He entered the Mission Training Center in Provo, Utah on July 5,2012.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Well I guess it's christmas(: haha.. I can't beleive how fast time
 goes.. It's almost 2013!! Pretty amazing! Well here in Yajalon it doens't
 feel to much like the christmas season! But I am just thankful for my
 family and I am able to focus on the true meaning of christmas! Even tho we
 won't be spending it together I know that my spirit will be with you and I
 will have your spirits and love with me.  Heavenly Father is gonna help us
 out for sure(: Well this week was pretty crazy actually it started
 downpouring wednesday night when we were headed to our house! And it rained
 hard all day thursday.. We were soaked it was insane, my first
 tropical rainstorm but it was insane it was ironic cause it was a downpour
and that was the day the world was supposed to end(: ! There was rivers in
 the streets... crazy stuff haha but it was sweet(: It's supposed to snow
 tomorrow so we'll have to see(: hah(: Anyway everything is goin good! And
 I'm happy(: Hahah I will be happy when I can see you all again too but, I am
 doin good AND TIMES FLYIN(: Well  I've been listenin to Faith Hill
every mornin, the song "Where are you Christmas" hahah that's me song fo
sho!! But yeah..

 Well we have three investigators with a good chance of
bein baptised. I will have to tell ya bout em tomorrow haha. One of em is a
 older lady and she's my grandma here haha(: She gave us a gift for
christmas to! (: A peso form 1973 and a swweeet belt hahah she is so sweet.
 But yeah everything is goin good haha me and my comp don't get along too
 great but we are alright  and he goes home in bout two weeks! But my
 next comp I'm gonna have for bout 10 weeks cause we don't have transfers
 till march! But hopefully he'll be normal haha if not it'll be a long ol
 transfer but it's all good! I'm growin and learnin so much about myself and
I'm so glad I'm here.
 Well hope all is well for you! I sure can't wait to talk to you all
 tomorrow (: Holy crap I'm excited! I have a scripture for you tomorrow ! (:
haha I bout cried when I read it but it's good!(:
 Hope all is well with you don't have to much to write(: But i will be
 watitin to hear from you! Kort and Ridge your studmuffins.. I love ya bro's
 hope santa tips his sleigh over in the house this year(: well love ya guys
 and I'll talk with ya tomorrow bro's..
 I love you mom and dad. I sure miss you! But can't wait to chat it out

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

December 10,2012 "Wuddupper??"

We went to visit the ruins... they are amazing!  We hiked an hour to get there...crazy!

¿Que tal?(:

Well hey my beautiful family of Petersen (: I bear greeting from the land of "Yashalum" means tierra verde in tzeltal haha it's an indian dialect i've kinda learned down here(: I can't wait to get home and show you how it sounds! I have a book of mormon in another dialect to! It's called Tzotzil.. It's absolutely insane.. But well yeah I don't really feel any christmas spirit this year. Haha not to sound mena or I dono selfish. But it just isn't there. I feel of your love and prayers and of my heavenly fathers guidance tho that's for sure! I'm so grateful to be embarked on such an incredible adventure! Ok, well enough of tryin to sound smart.. hhaa(:
Kiddin well this week was a bugger but I learned a lot and we had a few good lessons! I am gonna be straight up honest with you cause I think the whole hidin stuff is not good! But dad I've been feelin like crap to haha but tonight we are goin to San Cristobal for conference and I talked to a Doctor that is there and he's a member, and all the missionaries go to him.. SO I will be feelin better soon! Just haven't had energy and I dono but my mouth has been weird so I will let ya know what's up when I know what's up! I read my partriarichal blessing and it talk about health and my well being three times in there! And specifically once that I will be able to retain my health and everything will be ok, so I know that nothing to serious will ever come over me! There are amazing words in that blessing! And I also asked my comp to give me a blessing, so I will be fine. Just is weird not havin a mom or dad here to talk to in english and say what's up hahah but it's all apart of the sacrifice and the faith! I love you guys so much and yeah I will be fine! But I didn't wanna hide anything hah (: Well yeah this week was good and they go by faster and faster as the transfer goes on.. So I have three more in this transfer and my comp goes home and new one and maybe new area who knows!

Well sorry to worry you but hopefully your not I'm doing the lords work and I?ll be fine.. I'm sure by the time we get back from San Cristobal! By the way I wanna go there if you guys come to pick me up cause its sweet!(: But anyway yup everything will be fine! This week to I had a very crazy experience. Well we gave a man that's bed ridden a blessing. He is about 70, it was one of the most sad sights I've ever seen! This made me appreciate even more you and my health and where we LIVE!!! WE HAVE things so very goooood.. Anyway the guy can't talk and it was just sad.. We gave him a blessing and honestly I was prayin that heavenly father would just take him! Which I'm sure he will soon! BUt wow what amazing expereinces...
We found a new family to teach and two other kids 21 and 18 they are boyfriend and girlfirend.. I have high hopes for them! Ha we are gonna keep workin, and I'm gonna keep gettin closer to comin home! BUt I am glad to be here! I have so much to tell you! I am so blessed to have you all in my life, and I can't wait to get back and chill(: I hope you will be feeling 110% again soon Dad, I am praying for ya! I can't wait to get back and hunt again... But all in good time!(:
I can't wait to see what the house looks like and how you get it all decorated! I miss this time of year for that exactly.. JUst ain't the same(:....
BUt time really will fly. I hope you all have a happy week and hope your all doin good and feelin good to! I LOVE YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH!!!
I have a christmas message for you! Maybe you have seen it but here ya go(;

I am the Christmas Spirit—
I enter the home of poverty, causing palefaced children to open their eyes wide, in pleased wonder.
I cause the miser’s clutched hand to relax and thus paint a bright spot on his soul.
I cause the aged to renew their youth and to laugh in the old glad way.
I keep romance alive in the heart of childhood, and brighten sleep with dreams woven of magic.
I cause eager feet to climb dark stairways with filled baskets, leaving behind hearts amazed at the goodness of the world.
I cause the prodigal to pause a moment on his wild, wasteful way and send to anxious love some little token that releases glad tears—tears which wash away the hard lines of sorrow.
I enter dark prison cells, reminding scarred manhood of what might have been and pointing forward to good days yet to be.
I come softly into the still, white home of pain, and lips that are too weak to speak just tremble in silent, eloquent gratitude.
In a thousand ways, I cause the weary world to look up into the face of God, and for a little moment forget the things that are small and wretched.
I am the Christmas Spirit.1
May we each discover anew the Christmas spirit—even the Spirit of Christ.
I love you all (:
Well I am gonna write ya again when we get back from san cristobal and let ya know who the conference went and how I?m feelin(: I AM FINE(;
O, MOM well, I sent you a request on skype through contacts! There were two deepetersen1 but one was from santa clara cali so I sent it to the other USA one aha..
I have two more mondays to get it figured out! It will work and we will talk(: I AM STOKED FOR THAT(: But yeah I will make sure I do what I needa do to skype(: I love you all.. And I hope you know that. I feel of your love and prayers! Don't worry!(: The language is comin along(: Little by little haha.. It also talks about the language in my blessing to, so I have a ton of faith(: I LOVE YOU ALL.. The weeks keep on flying by faster and faster.. I hope your all happy as can be(: I sure miss you. But in just a short time we will be back together!(:
Loved the pics! LOVE YOU ALL!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Weekly Carta.. 6 month Testimony.. And Go STEELERS(; THANKSGIVING ALSO(: November 19,2012

Elder Martinez y Yo.. y Pablo Sanzchez Garcia Gutierrez Cortez Lewiston III
Well I know I don't have quite 6 months yet, but pretty much haha(: December 5 I will! But anyway every 6 months I wanna bear my tesimony.. Maybe in English but most likely in Spanish.. I am learning so much and it feels like in 6 months I have learned so very much already haha I have had some amazing experiences crammed into these past months.. But I know I haven't seen anything yet.. What an amazing experience, everyday is another blessing to be alive. (: Ha there are people that live in huts with spiders and rats and crap and they are happy.. Its amazing to me ha honestly.. And with all the crazyness that goes on here they still put on a smile.. It is pretty beautiful. I'm so grateful to be serving them, and to be sharing my love, my families love, and my Heavenly Father and his sons love with them.. I sure am grateful to be here and to be learning and growing..(: And the time seriously flies.. Especially this month.. Haha its almost thanksgiving. Good grief..(;

Well onto the main event.. Mi Testimonio ahorita.. (; (con 6 meses)
Ok.. Listo..(;
YO SE QUE CON TODO MI CORAZON MI SALVADOR VIVE.. Yo Sentio su Amor cada dia. Testifico El Libro De Mormon es verdadero. Este libro es un Otro Testamento De Jesucristo. Este libro es la palabra de Dios, y es una bonito part del plan que Dios ha preparado para nosotros.
Testifico del don de lenguas es verdadero y existe (; Estoy muy agradecido por Mi Amoroso Familia, y por El Plan y La Oportunidad a Vivir con Mi Familia y Mi Futuro Familia, por La Eternidad. Estoy muy agradecido por este privlegio a ser un misionero y a servir Mi Padre Celestial.. La Iglesia De Jesucristo De Los Santos De Los Ultimas Dias es la verdad Iglesia en la tierra hoy.
Estoy muy agradecido por cada una de mis Bendicionnes y pruebas que yo recibo y tiene tambien..
Dios y Jesucristo NOS AMA. "Porque de tal manera amó Dios al mundo que ha dado a su Hijo Unigénito, para que todo aquel que en él cree no se pierda, Mas tenga vida eterna." John 3:16
En El Nombre De Nuestro Salvador, Redentor, y Hermano, Nuestro Senor, JESUCRISTO

Well there ya are haha.. I wrote in my journal to mom don't worry(: haha.. But yeah every six months I'll do that.. and I'll prob do it two more cause the third time can be my Homecoming surprise haha.. Well yup pretty crazy.. Times flying.. And its only gonna go faster as we get closer.. And then when I fly home it will feel like the longest day of all hahah(: But yes indeed time is flying. This time next year I will only have 7 months haha I don't count July cause its only a week of that month(: But pretty crazy yeah??!(; 2013 is gonna be one fast year.. And I'm really anxious to see what it brings..

Omega Donkey.... haha its the new okey dokey I guess.. Ok well HOW In the world is my beautiful Petersen Family doing.. You cant imagine how happy I'm gonna be when I am reunited with you all..! I'm gonna hug the fruit loops out of ya.. I hope all is well with B ball and LIFE! You better all be healthy for Christmas (: Haha I am so stoked to Skype you all (4 weeks (: ) just like all of you guys are to.. I'm really curious on where I'm goin and where I'll be talking to you all from! I'm hoping San Cristobal! Its kinda chilly there.. Bigger City so a lot of good stores.. Up in the mountains kinda rainy everyday... So I'm honestly really hoping for there.. So I can rock a sweater almost every day and get weird(: But I dono why part of me feels like I'm headed to the coast haha where its flipping hot and muggy(: Tapachula or somewhere down there..(; I'm excited to find out! And more excited to talk to ya all..
Hope you are all happy as can be.. I hope this time is goin by pretty fast for you all to(:
Well hmmm.. This week was good! The Work here tho, Wow, ha it is so difficult. The thing is everyone is nice and listens and yeah yeah.. They even feel the spirit haha, I prayed and started the lesson this whole week and we had three different investigators come out and say.. "I feel something warm and peaceful when you pray." We invite them, they are pretty nice.. But just don't really wanna change. Its difficult but I know with all my heart that at least one of them will remember what they felt and have a change of heart. This week also we had a lot of opportunities to serve others.. In the street or wherever, I even felt the spirit haha during and before we helped a lady about 40 years old. She was carrying a few bags of groceries up the inclined streets here haha, so I ran over and begged her to let me help! At first she was hesitant but, she gave in(: I took four and my comp had one haha..But we headed on up and during this I dono I felt the spirit I felt really good haha.. As we got to the top of the street she kinda broke down.. She had felt something to, cause once we reached the top she got teary eyed and was emotional! But she began to tell us that her and her son would do this every week.. She said my son was alto and guapo tall and handsome just like you hahaha(; But she called us angels because she felt something and I think it was her sons presence, he was 18 years old and was killed in an accident with a drunk driver. I have no doubt her son was there, and maybe it was through us and our actions but he was there and so was the spirit. She was a very good lady and invited us to come to her house for lunch this next week(: I am just so grateful for all the experiences here.. Big or small. I know they are all helping me develop and grow into who I wanna be, and I truly thank my Heavenly Father for this! It sure goes by so dang fast!

Well my family, I sure am gonna miss thanksgiving with ya all haha.. I have no idea what I'll be satin but where we eat Saturday is where we always eat beans haha.(: But I have so much to be grateful for, and the biggest blessings in my life will be somewhere else. But I have a feeling I will feel of your presence and you will feel of mine! The good thing is I'm not dead! Haha just one more holiday season which will be like next month the way time flies, and then I'll be comin back(: But I hope you all enjoy it.. And have a wonderful day. (:
I miss you all so much, love you all so much more. I'm truly grateful for all of you and all the different great examples you have on my life.. I've learner so much from each and everyone one of you.. Even you kort, you taught me how to get like three feet of air.. So. But honestly I am so blessed to have you all.. I'm grateful for where I live and our home.. Our Sissy and heliban.. I'm grateful to be here learning and growing and for the blessings you and I are receiving. I love you all with all of my beating heart.. And I sure hope you will all be safe healthy and happy everyday till I get back!(: And infinity and beyond also(: Well folks.. I will write ya a lil later hope all is well(: Love you all so much! Christmas is so soon! Skype! Yeahhhhhhh Buddddddyy(:
Gotta have a favorite Mexicano Futbol Equipo.. AMERICA (: pointin out my current location in AMERICA haha CHIAPAS

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

What Up?.... November 12, 2012

Well.. Hey(: That was another pretty quick week. And a good week of work. I
truly am so very grateful down here to be doing this.. Even tho, I wont be
experiencing a wonderful holiday season this year or the next (bummed out
beyond measure :/ ), I know that this sacrifice will pay off. In someway or
other(: Well its a official.. Ive started to forget words in English.. But!
I also had my first dream in Spanish haha.. And the cool thing was I was
talking to dad! Haha A mind is a crazy thing! But yeah I had my first dream
in ol espanol. Sweet Bro..  And I fuss you could say its comin along good..
I just find it hard to conjugate words right haha cause there is a lot of
different ways.. I gave another talk in Sacrament this week to! About
perseverar hasta el fin or enduring to the end! It went good haha, I always
use you guys in talks! Brag about you guys a lot.. But yup it went good,
there was also the highest number of people assist ever haha. 23 people.
That's the record here in Yajalon. That's the good news!
And of course there is always some bad, that's just how it goes hahah.. at
least in this work. The baptism we had planned didn't happen this
week, Because Friday night the dude we were supposed to baptize went out
and got drunk. Haha pretty sad here! Beer a big thing of it is cheaper than
water! Therefore no joke bout half the people here are always drunk haha
its terrible and there are a lot of kids to.. Good ol Mexico haha..! Well
we had a lesson with him, the next day and he said he wants to change and
he has desire to do so.. So we set his. baptism for this next Saturday..
But last night we passed him just as he was leavin his house and was
heading back out to do it again.. He kept walkin on right past us.. Ha I
said Hermano! He said no hablemos.. Ha and there he went.. Out to do it
again! So we left a note and all we can do is pray for a miracle! I have
plenty of Faith. We will see how things turn out fo sho .. The upside is we
have two new investigators(: A mom and her daughter. They have family that
is in the church.. Very good people. And they listen and ask questions! I
know we are definitely getting somewhere with these two. We will invite
them to baptism for the 24 of Nov. Thanksgiving I believe?  Ha so I will
hopefully be performing a baptism our last two weeks here! I have a really
good feeling about those two.

"Good things fall through, so better things can fall into place."
-Spongebob Squarepants

Let's get weird (; ( it was rainy ) I'm not just rockin a ped jacket with a hood for nothing.. A thank you...

Hmmm.. Well yup nothing to new here! I'm missing home.. Its almost
thanksgiving. So that'll be good for you guys... hahahahah.. And dang
I miss flipping snow and no humidity.. I sweat like a giraffe all the
time here hahah.. I need me some dry climate(: But in a short time
it'll be back to.life.. (: Ha and I am so stoked for those days(: Hey
and next month is Christmas! We getta talk(: SKYPE(: I needa set up a
skype account here soon.. Haha I cannot wait for that.. That'll be
legit(: I jus miss everything about this time of year.. But ah well..
(: Hmm well I'm healthy and happy! Pretty cool that next month is my
half year mark.. 6 months haha.. half a year! Only three more of those
left.. And I have a feeling the next ones are gonna go by even faster
than this one.. So I have Faith I'll get home eventually (; Hahah(:
Dad thanks so much for the fotos.. I love seeing that.. Ha white(: And
that quail is beautiful.. that should be in a magazine.. Its gonna
be.. Someones gonna pay ya 1500 bucks for it.. Jus sayin.. But thanks
for those. I am always kinda homesick haha so seeing those pics just
made me happy! Its beautiful and I cant wait to get back.to that! Haha
I sound crazy I bet but the weather is awesome down here but its to
flipping humid haha (: Ah well.. I hope your doin good, Im glad your
resting again.. Thanks for everything ya do! I love and miss ya! Time
keeps ticking forward tho.. Mom I hope your backs doin better.. Maybe
you'll make the powerlifting squad next Olympics.. I hate to be a
dream breaker.. But I just cant see it happening right now. Seriously!
I hope its doin better! Hope everything is goin good.. I miss bein
home right now.. The house and how you warm it up.. But hey on the
bright side I smell tortillas errrrryday! Haha there is tortilla shops
around every corner.. Hot steamy freaking places hahah.. Lets just say
I would give all the rice and beans in Mexico ( that's a hell of a
lot of rice and beans(: !!) to be home for the holidays haha.. But ah
well all in good timing(: I just hope all is well and your all happy
as can be!(: I love you all..
KORT YOUR A STUD MUFFIN. Ya needa teach me how to build such a legit
snowman when I get back.. I love you buddy.. Cant wait to talk with
Well I will be sending some pics here soon and talk to ya all again
here soon!!(: I have lots of pics.. I LOVE YOU
Dang I look good..

Last p- day.. haha of course the classic hang loose sign.. precious

p dayin it out

well ya know how I wanna truck when I get back??.. nevermind...I want this..


Friday, November 9, 2012

Elder Pete's Weekly Ramble (; 11/5/2012

Where on Earth is the time goin!(: Its November I guess hah.. wow. I am amazed how fast it passes, its on a whole other time zone in this work. How grateful I am to be serving my father in heaven in this sacred work.. I have no doubt that this is his work .. and that this church is the true church of Jesus Christ.. The perfect church that our father has given us(: I just feel very very humbled and grateful for all that I have in my life.. I am grateful that my father has blessed me with the knowledge of this plan.. loving parents and amazing family and examples in my life. I'm grateful to live in a time during the restored gospel is here on the earth and to be able to teach it.. to those people that have been prepared.. and for the privilege to meet and love them.. Times seriously flying and I'm so grateful for every second that I have here.. Well hah anyway..
This week was fast, conference was great. Elder Johnson and his wife gave a good conference. It was good to hear and learn.. ! Fo Sho!(: Haha on the way home I was the sickest Ive ever been! We rode in a bus and we sat in the back hahah wow(: But I lived! (: I learned that taxis are better here(: Anyway lemme get off my soap box.. Haha I had a good week tho!(: Yesterday we had a good testimony meeting ha I bore my testimony and cried.. I needa learn to not cry haha but dang the spirit was there.. there was only 13 people there to including us.. But I have faith that there will be a ward here soon.. 4.. 5 months from now. President Cardenas talked to us at conference about our area.. cause hes been thinking about what to do here. And today he called and hes pulling missionaries out of Yajalon for now.. So at the end of this transfer maybe sooner.. I will be transferring again.. I dono I guess everything has a reason behind it! We have one baptism this coming Saturday so I hope it will work out! But I am leaving for who knows where on the 26 for sure! Pretty loco.. haha not knowing where or what's gonna happen.. but I know nothing will happen to me I'm doing the lords work and I know I'm being blessed..!(: But anyway.. just thought Id fill ya in.. ! This week was good the work was about the same we always have people come up to us but they are from Veracruz or Cancun or the Yucatan ha they say they wanna know more so we give them reference cards for missionaries in there areas! But the work here is about the same.. Not much progress. But we still have time. I'm loving every day of it!

Well how are all you?? Isnit getting cold n snowy yet? Haha I'm gonna miss that till I get back!(: Its crazy to think tho!.. well its reassuring that after this holiday season which is right now haha I have one left!(: I know that times gonna fly! I am glad I'm doing this but hah I cant wait to see you all.. I still have those days every once in awhile where I'm homesick but it passes fast when I remember that I am gonna be comin back to all of you in very short time! Ill be a bit of a changed man(: hahah.. And I have some good stories already so ill be full of em by the time I get back haha (: well.. seasons keep comin n goin.. haha for you.. Its hotter than a prize pig here.. (: O!! In San Cristobal its actually pretty chilly hahah so I would be fine to go there! At least once for my mish ahha its cold! But anywho.. I will do the samething and write you all again after a little while. Cant wait to hear from ya. Hope your all well and doing great.. Love you. ELDER PETERSEN

(; October 29,2012

Haha some hombres I filmed, it will be a great vid..(:
Hey momma! Hey There Poppa! Hey there KORT MORTimer! Hey there lepper! (Ridge) (jk get better, prayin for ya)
Hey there grandpa christopher, grandma josefine, grandma georgina, AND.... GRANDPA JOE!

haha yup I washed my clothes and it went well(:... haha after this I'm headed to comprar(: Ha but yup it's funny and weird I am doin my growin up in Mexico hahah it hit me this mornin when I woke up that I'm not a little kid anymore haha.. well that hit me when I flew out of Utah but yeah it's funny how I realize things at different points! I'm sure grateful for this experience tho.. Ha the work is way tough here in Yajalon and the pres. is thinkin about what to do here.. It's beacause there has been missionaries here for two years almost and not much progress.. and the assitence at church is very little! 8 and 11 this week haha including the missionaries, so, I am kinda thinkin that I might be transferring again after this transfer.. but who knows, all I know is the president who I will talk bout in a min is thinkin about this place and the future of it with missinonaries.. All in the time of Heavenly Father.
The pres. has made a new rule this transfer, and I hope it only lasts this transfer. It's no kocking on doors hahah.. yup. He is one strict guy to, this makes the work here that much harder, cause there is only one day when like the whole town is at the town square so that's our best bet to contact and proselyt haha it's difficult! SO right now we have appointments but the people here just don't seem to want to accept the gospel, but they are really good people. It's that kind of frustrating hard.. For me.
But yeah.. we have districto meeting on wednesday, and it depends on when I train, I only train for my first 12 weeks.. and after that its normal haha.. so yeah.. maybe after this transfer I will be a trainer for the tons of new missionaries that are gonna start coming into the field haha.. pretty amazing.. It is an assurance to me that the time and coming of our Savior is closer than we think. But still not for awhile but it's just one of those signs when the prophet lowers the age for more reinforcements haha.. pretty cool.. anyway yup another week closer! And it feels and my mind portrays days to go by faster beacuse of the sun and time being set back one hour.. The days are fast! I'm so grateful for that can't even tell ya..
 I'm doin good, and happy and well, this week is the halfway mark of this transfer.. haha this ones goin by fast, I have a feeling time will just gradually keep goin faster and faster as the language keeps slowly comin.. I'm so grateful to be serving this work.. I have no doubt in my mind this is where I needa be right now.. I can't wait to find those people he has prepared that I can truly make a connection with, even if it's one person. I am so grateful for this.. I love you all so much, I can feel your love and your prayers!(: Times Flyin!(:
I have only a couple pics haha I've been videoing more cause I wanna make a vid when I get back!(; I will try to send those to.. anyway.. I love you. An I'm grateful to be your son, and your brother(: Can't wait to get back to all of you..
Elder Petersen(:
 Haha little Doras
 A families house where we eat. rice and beans nuff said

Yajalon.....October 22,2012

Hey whatta ya know..(: hahah A mexican Bread store named after me(;
A park that overlooks yajalon
Anyway yup it is a pretty cool town that is just starting to grow with the gospel haha so it's cool little by little.. in church yesterday there were seven of us including me and one of our investigators haha.. but I guess and the missionaries have to give talks every sunday and we switch off on teaching the lessons hha this week I get to teach it(: so yeha the white kid that knows a little spanish is the one teachin but I KNOW HEAVENLY FATHER HAS FAITH IN ME AND SO DO ALL OF YOU(: (:.. And that's all the reassurance I need, and will ever need in my life.. haha But yup it's pretty cool! maybe this will beone of the places I will wanna bring you haha maybe.. it's kinda cray to get here(: but maybe(:
Anyway my fam.. haha.. this is the hardest time of the year.. THE HOLIDAY SEASON WITH NO ONE TO SHARE IT WITH:( hahahahah.. man it's tough but it's all part of it! There is no way I'll ever quit.. I'm a PETERSEN(: And I know how much this blesses all of you and that's enough for me.. I just am glad that time goes as fast as it does most days haha(:

Know that I love you.. I and don't just say that.. I am doing this for you and my heavenly father and fpr his son Jesus Christ!
It will make all this worth it when the day comes when I will see all of you here and when we meet which is soon!! Haha.. one more summer and football season(: And when you can meet all of the people I hope I make a difference with on the other side!(:

DAD I love ya and I'm glad it's that time of year when you can finally take a break.. You deserve it.. You are the hardest worker I know! And you are a great example to me here, you've taught me to love and have always shown me love and whenever I am tempted to be homesick and quit I think of you! I can't wait to get back and go geese huntin and duck huntin with you again haha I honestly miss that alot right now.. That last one I killed is still in my head.. I can still see it haha when I was in the back of the red rocket on the tool box and the wind was blowin and it sat in the same place and then bam.. hahah can't wait for that when I get back I miss the cold in my bones!!! I love you dad and I am so grateful for you. talk to you soon! Enjoy your break papa bear.. Cuidese(:

MOM I miss you so much!! You made me smile and laugh everyday.. I took that for granted, being here sure does make ya think haha and to be honest it is just what I needed in life, if I wasn't here I wouldn't realie how much you did for me and how much I took for granted.. I still remember that last hug you gave me hahah(: I had glitter on my face and shirt all day and didn't even realie it until that night.. Mom thank you for your love and support in everything I do, I can't wait to get another hug from ya, and that will be sooner than we know it.. I love you mom!

RIDGE hey there ya oompa llompa pop squat.. I hope all is well for you.. Your a beast bro.. Rockin that nike snapback, your gonna have to show me around the block and show me all the new trends and styles when I get back but I'm diggin that nike snapback.. Hey just remember to always count your blessings, your one stud, and heavenly father has blessed us with good parents that have taught us to be that way, and he's blessed you to be a leader and a friend to everyone so just remember to always be humble.. and count your blessings. Not to tell you what to do(; But anyway I love you bro, with all my heart, take care of Kort you two are brothers .. I'll be talkin to ya here shortly in a couple months for x mas and also face to face haha in less than about 19 months in November(: Times flyin eh? Stay fly derulo cake patty krabby.. tanks ridgey woo poo.. how's drew poo? Hopefully she's still likin you, and likin your pics on fb, hopefully I'm in your profile pic ?(: hahahah kiddin bro(: Love you(:

Goodness gracious are you okay? O wait it's just you as a dead person.. I though you hit puberty or somethin in that pic you sent me.. And you didn't change the one of me what he hel..ck dude.. Whatever I guess haha I love you buddy.. I miss seein you everyday. I hope you know that. I want you ridge and mom and dad to come and pick me up tho when that time comes in like 19 months.. so, We will get ya a Chiapas jersey then if you want(: Hope all is well with you buddy(: I miss you haha you made me laugh.. and your gonna do alot more of that when I get back times gonna fly! Take care of heliban poslain and same with ridge haha(: I love you bud.. (: Talk with yo soon(: Watch some walkin dead for me and play some fifa for me(:
Well have a good week love you all(: talk to ya soon
always prayinfor you(: Hope you feel em(: just now I remember the song "cheer up Charley..."haha
Me eatin elote(: and a peñafiel(: nacho lib status
The big catholic church.. The bells are ringin all the time ha pretty cool.. There's alot of these old temples around here

haha last p day I was gonna tell ya but we had to go work.. A lizard came runnin in the door hahah looked like a dinosaur cause it ran on it's back legs.. it ran right to me and I felt it on my leg hah then it jus chilled by my feet somethin scared it! but yeah cool lookin thing


This is our "Church Meeting house" in Yajalon

The Inside (;
A normal staircase in Yajalon...everything is uphill(;  Side of a Mountain!

Thursday, November 8, 2012


My beautiful PETERSEN FAMILY(:
My last day in Reforma,Chiapas Mexico... Heading to Yajalon!
Well first things haha my first transfer and I'm outta here, the area is Yajalon, Chiapas, Mexico. I leave tomorrw morning at 9:30(: I have been told this place is beautiful. It's 2 hours plus away from the nearest big city San Cristobal. But this place is not as hot and right now chilly. It's up in the mountains so I'll be havin a chilly thanksgiving and maybe if I'm there for next transfer to and colder christmas(: Hahaha I'm kinda worried but the kid that was my DL was here for 7 months and says it's amazing this was his favorite area. And I have a feeling I'm about to have some amazing experiences here my family, I don't know why(: But I'm just happy it's upi in the mountains and colder(; hahah
Well glad to see all the pics and all of you, that gets me through the week and keeps me happy(: I dont have to many pics this week but i'll send what I got hahah I WILL HAVE EMAIL IN YAJALON(: SO don't worry hahah O was I happy to hear that.. Hope you all know how much I love you. This week absolutley flew by.. And honestly I am gonna be coming home before I know it. Hahah I sure miss peace and quiet and fall but I am thinkin in Yajalon it will be nice and peaceful? haha it's a small town.. pueblo! Last monday we went to the central part of Tuxtla hah it was boring!(: O and there are these things called Colectivos here it's like a mid sizd van that they cram as many people as they can in and it's transportation hahah I met a guy that is from here but asked me where I was from.. I said , Utah! he said really, I lived in St. George 2 years Ilegamente haha (Ilegally). But it was funny. That kinda stuff to me doesnt just happen for a reason, it's funny things like that that reassure that this is where I am supposed to be haha.. The bishop in my old ward here served in Utah, he knows payson Spanish Fork Santaquin and Nephi haha he passed through Delta in a transfer he said hahah. ANyway all is good just packin up all my stuff and headed to Yajalon lonnnnngggg drive hahah car sick(; you bet.

HOW IS EVERYONE(: Thanks so much again for the pics! I honestly feel like it's christmas when I get em haha and it makes me happier than you know(: I love and miss ya all so much(: I'll be waitin for a reply..(: I have 15 others so I'm gonna try and reply short and then write you again.. I love you all..(: I'll send the pics to

I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH p.s. gonna try and watch the vid right now dad(:
Where we baptise there is one other like this to,, but deeper more pics soon(:
The legit Jungle of Yajalon... (This is a backyard of a member) My new companion Elder Martinez


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

HoLa...... October 8, 2012

Distrito,, some are flyin home this month and next month
Gringos... the one on the far left is on his tippy toes hah he leaves next month he's a stud. and our district leader
Hey y'all..(:
What a week! I am grateful that the weeks go by pretty fast! I hope the time is goin fast for you to! This week was conference and I was lucky to listen to one session the Sunday morning one in English haah me and Elder Parker were the only two watchin it with other Japanese people haha it was different but good! It's good to have him in my district and have a break hah.. Elder Holland is my favorite. The rest was in spanish ahah cause of different reasons but hopefully next conf I can watch it all in English! But who knows times flyin! I also really like when Thomas S. Monson said "The Future is as bright as your Faith." It was cool when the final hymn was God be with you till me meet again to(: I know times gonna fly! I'm grateful to be here and share the light of Christ with those souls that have been softened and are willing to listen and feel of this message! Hahah there are alot of people here to that would honestly talk all day if they could, and it bugs me cause my comp. sits there and doesn't say anything he's way to quiet. And so I am the rude one that says Peace out haha but it's all good my espanol is slowly coming along a little more every week!... I was told by a native that the spanish down here and up in Merida and the Yucatan and Tabasco is hard(: It's fast and there is many different accents! But it's all good! Grateful for this haha. I am healthy and we have changes this next monday so I will let ya know hopefully before hand when I change!(:
I miss cold weather! And the change hahah 20 more months of Summer(: But it is okay(: I'll come back lookin a lil bit more tan.. haha SO I was thinkin to, I wanna do another Fam Vacation when I get back haha.. I'll be able to hablar Espanol to(: SO yeah we should plan one? haah.. and a toyota tacoma to?(; hahah na.. I just miss all of you so much and I cannot wait to get back home after this. I love ya all so very much.
I know I am a lil early today with the writing so it's all good I will have double the letters next week(: hahah or maybe I'll get them here soon..(: Hope all is well at home, I pray for you all daily 24/7. You are what's most important in my life and I love ya! I was thinkin, this football season is pretty much bout done.. haha and those come and go so fast. One more football season and I am pretty much headed home(: It's crazy to think that Drake Walker comes home in June! times gonna fly!
Ridge hey bro, how's it crackin.. hopefully not to much. I decided when and if I have a dog in the future I am gonna name him JR. so rememebr that.. hopefully your enjoying the fall atmosphere and lovin life man.. Ha I miss it and the holiday season! (: But I know it's blessing you so that is fine by me(; Keep striving and working to better that possible everyday! Love ya brotha..One more football season and I'm practically home(: Gonna buy a white Chiapas Jersey today for ya(;: haha or the orange one whatever one ya want.. I dono if you heard about conference but haah president MOnson said to the whole world now you can be 18 to serve a mission haah if you even wanna(: But that's cool ya!? haha i'd prob still wait till I was 19 but whatev(; Love and miss ya man.. Hope all is well pray for you everyday. Stay strong and Carry on my bro!(: Can't wait to see ya again..(:
The Orange Chiapas Soccer Jersey... 
Kort keep tearin up that football field(: Love ya brothat.. Play some FIFa for me haha chiapas!! Enjoy this time of year hah there are kids down here that will never experience that! So enjoy it for me and them(: And smile that studly smile man.. Love ya bro!(: I'm always praying for you(: Be everyones friend!!
I want you both to know that this week I have learned a lot about myself! Just like you said dad, hah I was brought to my knees and humbled for sure.. I am so grateful for the challenges I face and I can't thank my father in heaven for this oppurtunity enough. There are things in this 2 year adventure that I wouldn't learn anywhere else. I have gained my own real, and personal testimony.. When I come back I don't expect to be changed a whole lot haha cause that's just me, and my comp get's mad but he's perfect so that's all good(: But I am so grateful for this!
I hope this is blessing you everyday! Can't wait to share my stories with you when I get back!
I want you all to know that I can look every single one of you in the eye and tell you I love you. I love you all from the bottomof my heart and with all the energy of my soul! I know I say this alot, ha but I can't wait to get back andbe with you all again(: It honestly amazes me how fast time passes. I'm so grateful to be feeding those sheep and there is no other place I would rather be on Earth right now than here in Chiapas; Mèxico serving these beautiful people. What a blessing it is.. I will be seeing you soon(:
Love Your Son, and Your Brother(: Elder Jade Petersen(:
"God Be With You Till We Meet Again"(:
P.S. Don't worry I haven't lost my funny personality.. (: hahaah..
Been singing Justin Bieber Boyfriend all weekç
Heatmeiser and christmas songs haha wow.. love ya fam(:
Plan a vacation(: Buy me a Toyota Tacoma(:
haah mom I have some christmas wants/necessities but next email
HOPE ALL IS WELL IF NOT I'M FLYIN HOME(; not but seriously...
It's a really nice house for this area I'm clean and safe!
This is my Charlottes Web outside my door... It says JADE really big by my forefinger :-) haha

Monday, November 5, 2012

BuEnO (;..................10/01/2012

Well yup yupper smilin all the time wow...(: 91st day of the mish today!(:
Another hot humid week down here in Tuxtla G-rez has come and gone. The weather wow haha this is the "cool season" and it rains but it's still hotter than Jessica Alba on a friday night (probly not missionary talk but ah well) O yeh the people are for the most part nice, it is a city, I am white, and I am in Mexico so there are some people that don't aprove my presence being here haha but most people respect that we are missionaries so it is all chill.. And it's offish, In Napoleon Dynamite when the principal asks Pedro, "Listen Pedro, I don't know how they do things down in Juarez, but here in the gem state we have set rules that apply to our students." Yeeeahhh... Well I know exactly how they "do things" down here hahah and it's loco!!! But it's all good! All is well and I am so grateful for this oppurtunity to be serving my savior and be blessing my beautiful family(: Time honestl flies here to, and like you all I pray for this time to go fast. Heavenly Father knows how much we need and miss each other so I know he's helpin me out. But I've promised to not take anything for granted so I can get on that plane knowing I did all I could, and knowing with all my heart I "Fought the good Fight." O by the way my homecoming scripture is in 2 Timothy 4:7..(: hahah read it, that's my objective.(: Anyway yup It's 2 o clock here, I am only 1 hour ahead of you all down here so that's good.. I'm healthy, I am careful with what I eat, I drink bottled everything so don't worry.. (: I pray for health everyday, and pretty sure every hour.. I always pray for you literally every hour to.. Man what an experience(:
I sure do miss you all, but yup I will everyday until I get back.. I LOVE hearing from you, P days are where it's at..(: O and only 3 MONTHS till christmas and my half year mark(: I getta call home! Or maybe Skype? We will have to see! Me and my comp I hate to say it, are gettin along but, we have trouble to hah.. He thinks he's my dad with everything, and I have had to tell him we are all missionaries. I know we are both put together to learn.. Because we both need patience haha.. He mumbles a lot and I know it ain't good espanol haha.. It's dificult but it's all good.. I'm sure it'd be frustrating to have a gringo for a first comp, I just wish he'd be grown up enough to realize that this is a new language and country for me instead of lookin at me like I'm dumb if I ask questions hahha some people(:(: haha but ah well, I always have my pics of you out on my desk and he shut it.. I told him the best in spanish to not ever think of doin that again.. haha(: And as nice as I could! But all is well! Don't think I'm havin problems cause it's all good! It's all apart of this haha it ain't easy! And I sure am learnin alot, and I will never forget who I'm representing Jesucristo y my Petersen familia!(: I love you all so much and miss ya..
Kort and Ridge you have no idea how much I miss you two, having brothers like you to means so much to me.. I pray for your well being and safety all day same with you mom and dad(: But I just can't wait till we can throw that football around, hunt, go campin, go to football games, get weird, have a blast.. haha(: Soon my little ones.. And if I come back weird cause I'm sure I will be a lil strange, be like bro,, this ain't the mish, wake up man.. like that.. or somethin.(:
But yup I loved hearin form you.. so keep it up, and keep up with bein the studs you are! I'll be back before ya know it! (:
Ha dad I wanna thank you for the example you are, whenever I don't think I can do this, I remember that you have already done this. And that alone is enough to keep me goin, you have taught me well. Can't wait to get back and go hunting, It will really hit me this year when I don't getta hunt geese.. :( haha but time will fly! Thanks for everything you have taught me, love ya old man! Chiste.. (: MOM! Man do I miss your cooking, that's all I am gonna say! Hahaha my stomach is a mess, hahah wow.. I think I have offended some people but I don't wanna die! Or lose any weight haah we eat alot of Dominoes pizza to so that's goood haha.. I want ya to know that all those kind words I wrote are 100 % true! I am so grateful for you and dad and your charity and the examples you are to me.. It is awesome to have the support I do. I love you all so much.. And yeah I sure am jealous of you n Ridge headin to CS to watch NAVAY and BRAY BRAY.. that'll be sick.. but yeah I will be back soon enough,, 20 months (: haha. I have a feeling this time of the year, (Oct-.Jan) might be my hardest because it's the first holiday season away haah.. But who knows I guess it will be the same as any other day.. haha and I will be there in presence/spirit(: hahah but anyway.. all is well here.. I am doing well.. And that's bitter sweet with Aunt Lois, she is definitely in a much better place up there now tho.. And yeah Justin is headin home.. crazy. That's gonna be me in 20 months!! (;
Well this week is genereal conference and we getta watch it with our district Elder Parker form hurricane the QB is in my district,, hahah we are bro's for life he's such a good kid and it was a blessing to have him in my districe first.. That will be the highlight of this week(: ahah.. Dad, I hate to say it but the rules are so strict here and I know we are missionaries but we will just say I don't do to much fun stuff haha.. No soccer:( Can't play, only with other missionaries and there is only me and my comp in my area,, ha can't even drink coke(: But it's all good... I still find ways to entertain myself and to keep me from goin crazy! The music is good to haha, and sometimes I will play my kindle some country does my soul well.. (:
Well I dono what else to say! I hope I answered all of your questions(: hahah everything is good.. And i'm glad all the animals are doin good to Kort. I expect to be able to see them all alive when I get back! O if ya wanna look where I'm at on google earth! My zone is called REFORMA but, I live in Albania Baja in Tuxtla haha you should go street view and tell me what ya think! Anyway I'm gonna attach some pics now..
I love you all with all my heart. I honestly pray for you all every second of every day.. Time is flying(: I will see you all soon(: And for sure be talkin / seein you soon to 85 days tilll Christmas(:
hahah.. well gotta go shop.. get me some comida (food) haha
love you all(: Love your Elder Jaden Mark Petersen!(:
Para Siempre Dios Este Con Vos(:

Top of our area.. CLose to the beautiful Canon del Sumidero.. The cool long jungle canyon that I wanna go to and hope I getta do something fun like that while I'm here hahaha..(: This area is crazy.. seen some crazy things.. There is Indian people that don't even speak spanish here hahah so yeah..

Elder Petersen & Elder Reyes

Another One Bites the Dust....... 9/24/2012

Elder Pete and a local kid.... Had to take a pic for Kort with the Chiapas Soccer team Shirt!
Hey there my beautiful family...(: Man do I miss you. Everymorning is pretty difficult haha.. It's cause we are so tighly knitted, and I'm so grateful for that! It's hard, and I think about you all the time. During the actual work is when it gets better cause we contact and I'm focused on that to(: BUt it's all good this week did fly by ha and I'm grateful for that. I'm healthy and happy to be doing this.. I still count down the days till I get back tho(;
Well it's a good thing I have two studs for little bros.. In the pics you already look like you've grown up so much(: I miss you guys and miss talkin to ya and hearin ya laugh! Hopefully your doin extra for me! It'll be a good day when the Petersen bros are reunited, and I'm lookin forward to it. Ridge well three nice bucks for you.. Thtat's sick that buck is a beast, your doin it big 2:40.. I know it's hard bein a cheerleader this year for football, but your team still needs your voice and advice.. keep bein you and keep bein a leader! Time flies and it'll be that time of year again before ya know it n you'll be knockin kids out again soon(: I'm jealous about the Navy Air Force game your gonna go to! Haha.. but I better get some pics to cry over or somethin.. haha chiste(: Nah thats awesome.. I miss ya bud.. Maybe you should write me sometime on here? Ya..? Miss ya bud.. Love you. Fight the good Fight.. keep the faith(: Enjoy the cold freshness back home for me hahah.. Kort, dude your gettin so big(: Muscle man right now, no wonder your ownin that football field.. Keep it up! Cant wait to watch ya tear it up when I get back(: And that time will come soon.. I'll be flyin home sooner than we all know it.. I love ya so much bro, keep up those push ups so you can kick my butt when I get back! I am gonna come back with some sweet soccer jerseys to, I promise(: Love ya bud and I'll talk to ya next monday.. peace out.
Majah and Fajah.. Mom and Dad.. hahah I love ya so much. You raised a good son(: I am so blessed to have you in my life and the example you have been to me.. I try and convey that love every single day out here.. I miss ya so much but time is flyin! That will be one awesome day when I come home(: Can't wait to see all of you.. Mom, if you haven't sent that package yet.. I thought of something I could use, some more Daily Vitamins.. Centrum or whatever.. But if ya sent it it's all good I think I have like 80 or so left.. so yeah.. But anyway.. I love you all so much. I am so lucky I can talk to you this way every monday, it gives me somethin to look forward to!(: I wrote you a letter and sent it this last monday, so let me know if, and when ya get it haha.. Also, I won't worry about it anymore after this cause whatever happens, happens hahah but mom will ya tell Janae my mission adress cause my last letter was another old adress for the mission here, but if she sent somethin I'm sure I'll get it. But yeah jus tell her about my new adress and my blog..? Thanks for all ya do.. I love ya both so much.. Your all in my prayers 24/7 I hope this is blessing you all far more than it is me.. Dad I am eating well haha I buy PB&J at the stores so I'm set.. I pray for my health everyday, cause I don't wanna get sick! Ah, I miss you all and delta. It ain't easy bein cheesy tho! I hope time keeps flyin and goin faster as I learn the lang. I miss delta to haha and cool air with no humidity(: but it's all good, man what an experience and some awesome memories.. I hope all is breezy and swell back home. I'm gonna send some pics with another email..
Well until next week, Kort your a beast, keep smillin for me... Ridge, buy a JOnes for me haha, and more than anything if I could give you advice.. Take every single moment you are experiencing right now into your heart. Soak it all in.. It's some good times.. It'll be cool to be able to share 2 years of it with ya when I get back.. You can tell by the way I walk I am a womens man.. Stayin alive, stayin alive, stayin alive, ah ah ah ah, Stayin alive.. hahah Get weird... hahah that song is palyin right now.. MOm I love ya so very much and miss everything you did for me.. Can't wait to get home.,. I am one blessed kid and there is no doubt I have the best mom on the planet or anywhere else in the stars! I love you, miss you. Dad, I miss talkin to you, and workin with ya everyday, I might sound crazy haha but I pretend I'm talkin to ya out here ahah.. I may have lost my mind.. BUt I miss ya.. I love you so much and you have been the best teacher in my life, I'm so blessed to have a dad and a role model like you, love you dad, I know I'll be seein you all soon.. I feel all of your prayers, and all of your love everyday, all I have to do is think of you and it brings me back to that happiness. Stay happy, AND SMILE! We have so much to SMILE about, and so much to be grateful for.. well I love you all,
With all my love I can possibly give,
Eating and Studying....
Eating well with a Member Family :-)
Elder Pete and Elder Reyes messing around...:-)