Elder Petersen has been called to serve in the México Tuxtla Gutiérrez Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He entered the Mission Training Center in Provo, Utah on July 5,2012.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

What Up?.... November 12, 2012

Well.. Hey(: That was another pretty quick week. And a good week of work. I
truly am so very grateful down here to be doing this.. Even tho, I wont be
experiencing a wonderful holiday season this year or the next (bummed out
beyond measure :/ ), I know that this sacrifice will pay off. In someway or
other(: Well its a official.. Ive started to forget words in English.. But!
I also had my first dream in Spanish haha.. And the cool thing was I was
talking to dad! Haha A mind is a crazy thing! But yeah I had my first dream
in ol espanol. Sweet Bro..  And I fuss you could say its comin along good..
I just find it hard to conjugate words right haha cause there is a lot of
different ways.. I gave another talk in Sacrament this week to! About
perseverar hasta el fin or enduring to the end! It went good haha, I always
use you guys in talks! Brag about you guys a lot.. But yup it went good,
there was also the highest number of people assist ever haha. 23 people.
That's the record here in Yajalon. That's the good news!
And of course there is always some bad, that's just how it goes hahah.. at
least in this work. The baptism we had planned didn't happen this
week, Because Friday night the dude we were supposed to baptize went out
and got drunk. Haha pretty sad here! Beer a big thing of it is cheaper than
water! Therefore no joke bout half the people here are always drunk haha
its terrible and there are a lot of kids to.. Good ol Mexico haha..! Well
we had a lesson with him, the next day and he said he wants to change and
he has desire to do so.. So we set his. baptism for this next Saturday..
But last night we passed him just as he was leavin his house and was
heading back out to do it again.. He kept walkin on right past us.. Ha I
said Hermano! He said no hablemos.. Ha and there he went.. Out to do it
again! So we left a note and all we can do is pray for a miracle! I have
plenty of Faith. We will see how things turn out fo sho .. The upside is we
have two new investigators(: A mom and her daughter. They have family that
is in the church.. Very good people. And they listen and ask questions! I
know we are definitely getting somewhere with these two. We will invite
them to baptism for the 24 of Nov. Thanksgiving I believe?  Ha so I will
hopefully be performing a baptism our last two weeks here! I have a really
good feeling about those two.

"Good things fall through, so better things can fall into place."
-Spongebob Squarepants

Let's get weird (; ( it was rainy ) I'm not just rockin a ped jacket with a hood for nothing.. A thank you...

Hmmm.. Well yup nothing to new here! I'm missing home.. Its almost
thanksgiving. So that'll be good for you guys... hahahahah.. And dang
I miss flipping snow and no humidity.. I sweat like a giraffe all the
time here hahah.. I need me some dry climate(: But in a short time
it'll be back to.life.. (: Ha and I am so stoked for those days(: Hey
and next month is Christmas! We getta talk(: SKYPE(: I needa set up a
skype account here soon.. Haha I cannot wait for that.. That'll be
legit(: I jus miss everything about this time of year.. But ah well..
(: Hmm well I'm healthy and happy! Pretty cool that next month is my
half year mark.. 6 months haha.. half a year! Only three more of those
left.. And I have a feeling the next ones are gonna go by even faster
than this one.. So I have Faith I'll get home eventually (; Hahah(:
Dad thanks so much for the fotos.. I love seeing that.. Ha white(: And
that quail is beautiful.. that should be in a magazine.. Its gonna
be.. Someones gonna pay ya 1500 bucks for it.. Jus sayin.. But thanks
for those. I am always kinda homesick haha so seeing those pics just
made me happy! Its beautiful and I cant wait to get back.to that! Haha
I sound crazy I bet but the weather is awesome down here but its to
flipping humid haha (: Ah well.. I hope your doin good, Im glad your
resting again.. Thanks for everything ya do! I love and miss ya! Time
keeps ticking forward tho.. Mom I hope your backs doin better.. Maybe
you'll make the powerlifting squad next Olympics.. I hate to be a
dream breaker.. But I just cant see it happening right now. Seriously!
I hope its doin better! Hope everything is goin good.. I miss bein
home right now.. The house and how you warm it up.. But hey on the
bright side I smell tortillas errrrryday! Haha there is tortilla shops
around every corner.. Hot steamy freaking places hahah.. Lets just say
I would give all the rice and beans in Mexico ( that's a hell of a
lot of rice and beans(: !!) to be home for the holidays haha.. But ah
well all in good timing(: I just hope all is well and your all happy
as can be!(: I love you all..
KORT YOUR A STUD MUFFIN. Ya needa teach me how to build such a legit
snowman when I get back.. I love you buddy.. Cant wait to talk with
Well I will be sending some pics here soon and talk to ya all again
here soon!!(: I have lots of pics.. I LOVE YOU
Dang I look good..

Last p- day.. haha of course the classic hang loose sign.. precious

p dayin it out

well ya know how I wanna truck when I get back??.. nevermind...I want this..


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