Elder Petersen has been called to serve in the México Tuxtla Gutiérrez Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He entered the Mission Training Center in Provo, Utah on July 5,2012.

Friday, May 31, 2013

(: Ol Barbara‏ MAY 30, 2013


Well i dono if you heard but Chiapas got thumped by a hurricane! I Just didn't want you guys worryin we are all well! It was crazy and we are helping tons of people clean up.  They werent ready at all for it but all is well.. Lots of memories and stories haha.. Well I am fine and just wishing I was dry but it aint gonna happen any time soon!   I will send ya pics soon.. love you! 
Elder Pete

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Let it Rain(:
Well hello there My Loving Family and Friends(: Another quick week has passed.. Pretty crazy how fast the time passes us by. I hope this letter finds you all well and livin the life the way it should be lived(: I can't wait to be with you again, it will be soon! This week here in Tonalà has been a cloudy humid rainy deal.  I straight up poured yesterday and it's been on and off rainin today. I jsut makes everything way humid but hey just gotta smile and enjoy it while I have it haaha.. I dont know if I have respect or what for the people that call this place home, pretty different the weather that's for sure.. But it's been nice to not have the beamin sun for a change.. This week to I got my package mom! Thanks so very much for all that you do for me.. It sure made my week everything is awesome!! I about cried when I saw the fruit by the foot.. There gone. Thanks to everyone that helped put that together and get it shipped to ol Chiapas.. (:
Well this week was a good one! I think this week I have been the most tired I have ever been on my mish.. We've been workin so hard to find the people that are ready to receive this message. I need my ZZZZZ's right now.. But I know that I will be alright(: I am so grateful for this mission and this time in my life I have to learn and grow the the gospel, I have learned so much about myself and I know that no matter what we do, we need to always go through the lord first. Prayer has always been a huge part of my life.. I know that if we always Trust in the lord he will help us climb the mountains or do the little things.. I am so grateful to be able to feel of his love and his guiadance at this point in my life.. I know I still have one year left but I feel I have changed and have been very humbled. In whatever it is we do we needa trust in the lord.. I have so much trust in him and I know that he has that same trust in me, I will continue to do this work until my legs go out, and after that happens I will crawl haha.. I am so grateful for this privilege to be here.. I have been reading in Mormon and Moroni the last chapters in The Book Of Mormon. It talks about how much of studs the were.. Honestly if you get time you should read Mormon. Moroni is one of my hero's. It talks about when he witnessed his people become extinct and destroyed along with his father Mormon. But he kept writing and he knew the Lord entrusted in him this work.. His words are full of emotion.. I know that there aren't to many Moroni's but his example is something that we can all follow.. He always prayed to the lord and always put his turst in the lord. I am so grateful for all of you and for all that you do for me.. I know I can count on all of you(: Well there is my spiritual ramble for you all..(:
Well looks like we sure do have a new addition to the Petersen Family.. That's a sharp lookin truck, I dig it to be honest.. Looks perfect, has room and everything.. I sure miss drivin haha.. I wanna look for somethin like that, when my time comes to get on back. Ridge keep peelin out in the freakin Laser.. And watch out for the seat belts (: Well I can't wait to hear from you I hope you all have an excellent week.. The next time we talk we gonna be in JUNE!! Halfaway through 2013(: Well.. I love you, and I am prayin for you daily.. KNow that I am with you in all that you do. Be safe and Be Happy.. YOU CAN BE ANYTHING THAT YOU WANT.

Love, Elder Jade M. Petersen

Monday, May 20, 2013

May 20, 2013 (:

Well another week has come and gone just like that.. They all fly.. And that makes me happy(:
This week was awesome here in CHIAPAS! It's been hotter than Selena Gomez on a friday night.. Jk I don't even remember if she's hot. But it has been mighty hot here. But hey whatever.. I am happier than Kort Petersen on a summer night.. Happier than Ridge Petersen gettin 245 likes on his FB pic.. So all is well..
My B Day was alright.. It was just another day honestly.. It came and went but now I am tellin everyone that asks that I have 20 years(: Ha it's a weird habit I gotta get used to.. BUt yep one more year and I can drink apple juice. (Sparkled) 

How has life been up there in the USA(: Utah to be exact the best state of all that i miss so doggone much.. I hope this letter finds you all happy and healthy and oin work and takin names. I am so proud and blessed that I have each of you in my life. You are all examples to me in everything I do. School is windin down for my bro's and another Summer season is rollin in hot.. It is weird not bein there. But the next summer I will be flyin in hopefully before the 4th of JULY(: So it will be a good one.. Na but have fun this summer and be smart and safe(: I am with you in all that you do(: ... Stay away from the girls they carry cooties and you can die if you catch it.. It's bad. Well get weird and keep my dirt bike runnin.. I can't wait to go ridin with all of you when I get back! (: 

Well I am learnin so much here and I can't wait to share all the amazing. crazy. experiences with you when I get back.. Just know that I am always thinknin about you guys.. I'm with you errywhere ya go.. We are being blessed so much. Fight the good fight and keep the Faith(: Well I will be talkin to ya soon.. Ridge write me when you can and you to Kort I know you to will be sittin at home bores at least one time this summer write me soon I have questions that need answers homies--- 
I love you all and your always in my prayers,, Times flyin.. Be happy and remember.. WORK HARD PLAY HARD(: 
Have an excellent week..
1. new soccer jersey.. (: bday money gift and only 150 pesos that's like 15 bucks(:  my favorite team here in Mèxico AMERICA!! 

Friday, May 17, 2013

Hola. (: 5.13.2013‏


Hey there(: I just wanna start off sayin it was straight excecllent getting to hear and see you guys.. Hahah I got emotional at the end but hey you guys didn't see me cry so it's all good.. Your the reason for the teardrops on my.. ukulele.. But there tears of pure joy!!!(: I am so blessed beyond measure to have the family that I have. Thanks so much for all you do for ol me. Mom I love you so much and hope you had an awesome day yesterday.

Well today was a good day.. Still is so far we still have some stuff planned and a few lections and people to teach ahah so we will see how my 20th b day turns out for sure. I could do without this humid hel... heat... but I am gonna remember this birthday forever! It rained last night around 9 pretty dang hard haha and now we have agua again in the house! We can have showers yay!!! Hahah, it was a sweet birthday blessing.. 

Well we talked alot yesterday so I just want you all to know how much I love you, your prayers and thoughts I can feel. I am seeing blessings in my life and I still have one more year to complete with the work of the lord. I know he loves us.. Hope you all have an excellent week.. Ha can't beleive we are halfway done with may.. School is gonna be out and then summer(: It is gonna straight fly.. Just enjoy it!! I love you all, and I know that Heavenly Father does to(: Well I wil be talkin to you soon(: Hope you guys have an awesome week and are happy.. Work Hard Play Hard(:

The Pics I am at Puerto Arista it's part of our area and we have people to teach there.. (: It's hot.
GO BRAVES AND PIRATES(: (I miss baseball)
Love Elder Jade Petersen 

Mother's Day!! Elder Pete skyped and surprised me with a sweet mama's day song!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Petersen Family.. (: We are almost in MAY(: APRIL 29, 2013

Well how the puffed pretzels is everyone doin.. (: Another week flew by.. I just wanna tell you thank you for your emails and your words. I bout tear up everytime I read em. It sure will be a beautiful day when I am able to return to all of you.. (: I can't believe in bout 2 months I will have 1 year here.. The last year will feel so quick for all of us. It will be sweeter than a piña colada in a hammock on a saturday night in the mexican moonshine.. Well we have transfers today cause we finished the 6 weeks. They called this morning and my companion is headin to Tuxtla, I am headin there too but just to pick up a newbie that is flyin in today.. We will leave tomorrow for Tuxtla and I will return to. With a new comp. But yup I'm gonna be a trainer.. (: It'll be sweeter than eatin grass at the chocolate factory of Willy Wonkas.. It has also started to rain here, it's still just way humid but wow.. It makes a big difference especially in the night time when there is just a little breeze.. But yeah.. I'm bout to go hit up the beach and preach there too.. It'll be another fast and furious transfer.. But yup.. nothin new in the life of Elder Pete haha(: Just that time keeps goin faster and faster.. "It might be a long hard ride.. but I'm gonna take it." - George Strait.
Well I'm straight up proud of all of you, You have no idea how much you all mean to me and how much your letters and words mean to me also. I am so very blessed, to have a family like I do. I thank our heavenly father for you all everyday and with every hour.. I can't believe how much closer I have grown to him and I feel like we have grown closer.. Even though I'm down here in Chiapas(: I am so grateful for your thoughts and prayers and I sure am proud of all of you. Kort and Ridge, you two I know are the two biggest studs and examples in Delta just because your so dang humble and can smile but be serious, and stand up for what you know is right everywhere you go. It ain't easy but just keep being yourselves, I am so daggum proud of you two.. I miss you more than I explain but just keep happy and work hard! I'm praying for you and I love you.. Congrats in all you do I'll be back soon to watch you do work and work it out soon.. (:  I sure am one lucky duck to have my Mom and Dad too.. I shared my testimony about family this past week and after I was thinkin about what my life would be like if I didn't have you two in my life.. I know it would be different and I don't wanna ever think about life without you two. I hope you both know how much your examples mean to me, you have taught me so much and I know that I still have so much to learn, I can't wait to see you again.. (: And yup we all getta skype soon(: I can't wait(: I still needa talk to the member to see when we can talk but I will find out! And let you know..
 I am so grateful to be here, I read Matthew 16:21–28 and it hit me really hard.. The part that says "Whosoever Will Lose His Life For My Sake Shall Find It." really left an impression on me. I am glad I can be here at this point in my life and help others... I am grateful that I can learn and grow with them.. The mission is an amazing experience. I couldn't do it without your love and support, so I wanna thank you guys so much.. It will be awesome to be reunited(: Well be happy and "Work Hard, Play Hard" I love you guys all so very much and I am so very grateful for you all.. (: You all give me the strenght to keep truckin forward and put a smile on. We are about to make a lot more of beautiful memories when I get back.. It'll be sooner than we know it! It's gonna absolutely fly this next year.. (: Be happy My Petersen Family..
Les Amo (:
Sean Felices(:
Elder Jade Mark Petersen