Elder Petersen has been called to serve in the México Tuxtla Gutiérrez Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He entered the Mission Training Center in Provo, Utah on July 5,2012.

Monday, November 5, 2012

BuEnO (;..................10/01/2012

Well yup yupper smilin all the time wow...(: 91st day of the mish today!(:
Another hot humid week down here in Tuxtla G-rez has come and gone. The weather wow haha this is the "cool season" and it rains but it's still hotter than Jessica Alba on a friday night (probly not missionary talk but ah well) O yeh the people are for the most part nice, it is a city, I am white, and I am in Mexico so there are some people that don't aprove my presence being here haha but most people respect that we are missionaries so it is all chill.. And it's offish, In Napoleon Dynamite when the principal asks Pedro, "Listen Pedro, I don't know how they do things down in Juarez, but here in the gem state we have set rules that apply to our students." Yeeeahhh... Well I know exactly how they "do things" down here hahah and it's loco!!! But it's all good! All is well and I am so grateful for this oppurtunity to be serving my savior and be blessing my beautiful family(: Time honestl flies here to, and like you all I pray for this time to go fast. Heavenly Father knows how much we need and miss each other so I know he's helpin me out. But I've promised to not take anything for granted so I can get on that plane knowing I did all I could, and knowing with all my heart I "Fought the good Fight." O by the way my homecoming scripture is in 2 Timothy 4:7..(: hahah read it, that's my objective.(: Anyway yup It's 2 o clock here, I am only 1 hour ahead of you all down here so that's good.. I'm healthy, I am careful with what I eat, I drink bottled everything so don't worry.. (: I pray for health everyday, and pretty sure every hour.. I always pray for you literally every hour to.. Man what an experience(:
I sure do miss you all, but yup I will everyday until I get back.. I LOVE hearing from you, P days are where it's at..(: O and only 3 MONTHS till christmas and my half year mark(: I getta call home! Or maybe Skype? We will have to see! Me and my comp I hate to say it, are gettin along but, we have trouble to hah.. He thinks he's my dad with everything, and I have had to tell him we are all missionaries. I know we are both put together to learn.. Because we both need patience haha.. He mumbles a lot and I know it ain't good espanol haha.. It's dificult but it's all good.. I'm sure it'd be frustrating to have a gringo for a first comp, I just wish he'd be grown up enough to realize that this is a new language and country for me instead of lookin at me like I'm dumb if I ask questions hahha some people(:(: haha but ah well, I always have my pics of you out on my desk and he shut it.. I told him the best in spanish to not ever think of doin that again.. haha(: And as nice as I could! But all is well! Don't think I'm havin problems cause it's all good! It's all apart of this haha it ain't easy! And I sure am learnin alot, and I will never forget who I'm representing Jesucristo y my Petersen familia!(: I love you all so much and miss ya..
Kort and Ridge you have no idea how much I miss you two, having brothers like you to means so much to me.. I pray for your well being and safety all day same with you mom and dad(: But I just can't wait till we can throw that football around, hunt, go campin, go to football games, get weird, have a blast.. haha(: Soon my little ones.. And if I come back weird cause I'm sure I will be a lil strange, be like bro,, this ain't the mish, wake up man.. like that.. or somethin.(:
But yup I loved hearin form you.. so keep it up, and keep up with bein the studs you are! I'll be back before ya know it! (:
Ha dad I wanna thank you for the example you are, whenever I don't think I can do this, I remember that you have already done this. And that alone is enough to keep me goin, you have taught me well. Can't wait to get back and go hunting, It will really hit me this year when I don't getta hunt geese.. :( haha but time will fly! Thanks for everything you have taught me, love ya old man! Chiste.. (: MOM! Man do I miss your cooking, that's all I am gonna say! Hahaha my stomach is a mess, hahah wow.. I think I have offended some people but I don't wanna die! Or lose any weight haah we eat alot of Dominoes pizza to so that's goood haha.. I want ya to know that all those kind words I wrote are 100 % true! I am so grateful for you and dad and your charity and the examples you are to me.. It is awesome to have the support I do. I love you all so much.. And yeah I sure am jealous of you n Ridge headin to CS to watch NAVAY and BRAY BRAY.. that'll be sick.. but yeah I will be back soon enough,, 20 months (: haha. I have a feeling this time of the year, (Oct-.Jan) might be my hardest because it's the first holiday season away haah.. But who knows I guess it will be the same as any other day.. haha and I will be there in presence/spirit(: hahah but anyway.. all is well here.. I am doing well.. And that's bitter sweet with Aunt Lois, she is definitely in a much better place up there now tho.. And yeah Justin is headin home.. crazy. That's gonna be me in 20 months!! (;
Well this week is genereal conference and we getta watch it with our district Elder Parker form hurricane the QB is in my district,, hahah we are bro's for life he's such a good kid and it was a blessing to have him in my districe first.. That will be the highlight of this week(: ahah.. Dad, I hate to say it but the rules are so strict here and I know we are missionaries but we will just say I don't do to much fun stuff haha.. No soccer:( Can't play, only with other missionaries and there is only me and my comp in my area,, ha can't even drink coke(: But it's all good... I still find ways to entertain myself and to keep me from goin crazy! The music is good to haha, and sometimes I will play my kindle some country does my soul well.. (:
Well I dono what else to say! I hope I answered all of your questions(: hahah everything is good.. And i'm glad all the animals are doin good to Kort. I expect to be able to see them all alive when I get back! O if ya wanna look where I'm at on google earth! My zone is called REFORMA but, I live in Albania Baja in Tuxtla haha you should go street view and tell me what ya think! Anyway I'm gonna attach some pics now..
I love you all with all my heart. I honestly pray for you all every second of every day.. Time is flying(: I will see you all soon(: And for sure be talkin / seein you soon to 85 days tilll Christmas(:
hahah.. well gotta go shop.. get me some comida (food) haha
love you all(: Love your Elder Jaden Mark Petersen!(:
Para Siempre Dios Este Con Vos(:

Top of our area.. CLose to the beautiful Canon del Sumidero.. The cool long jungle canyon that I wanna go to and hope I getta do something fun like that while I'm here hahaha..(: This area is crazy.. seen some crazy things.. There is Indian people that don't even speak spanish here hahah so yeah..

Elder Petersen & Elder Reyes

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