Elder Petersen has been called to serve in the México Tuxtla Gutiérrez Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He entered the Mission Training Center in Provo, Utah on July 5,2012.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Movin Along......... April 22, 2012

Well good day to you guys.. (: Another week has come and gone. And here we are at monday again. I sure hope that your all doin good up there in Mayberry.. (: I sure do miss you guys, but time is flyin.. I feel like it's gone even faster this year.. We just gotta keep on a goin.. (: Well hopefully your all happy and healthy and lovin life.. We are being blessed more than we can believe.. Well this week was a good one.. We had a time change here I guess ... I don't understand it.. But know we are wakin up when it's still darker than crap outside but it's 84 degrees haha.. But just so you know, I am one hour ahead of you guys again.. And guess what.. WE GETTA SKYPE IN 20 DAYS (: I'm gonna skype you all from the church.. Sunday, May 12th is the plan mother's day!(: .. And yeah the next day is p day and we can email for my birthday.. But anyway it's here again haha.. And then it'll be Christmas again hahaha.. Fast, fast..
Well we are still doin work and teachin, I need your help, I know you have been helpin me out so much already, but I really need your prayers and spirit. We are teachin that family still and we are also teachin a guy named Dennis, I have been teachin him in english.. he has a crazy story.. But I know we are here and he is in the right time to be able to come unto Christ. I need your help, just include them in your prayers. I know we are gonna see a lot of miracles here.. Just gonna work hard and pray hard! We had another baptism this last week and I played the ukulele again and we sang "I am a Child of God" ... it was awesome (:
Well, I just am very grateful for you all.. For your love and prayers.. I am so grateful with everyday that passes.. Everyday is a new day and another day closer to bein reunited with my PETERSEN FAM once again..(:
Well hopefully my bro's are doin good, I love you two.. I miss you, be happy and work hard. Smile big.. Keep it flubber.. weird.. flubber.. hah (: Well just keep bein good fellars.. I love you guys so very much! Can't wait to see you.. It'll be one awesome reunion.. RIdge.. love you bud. Be happy. Kort.. Keep smilin. Be Happy. love you buddy..
I love you all so doggone much.. I can't wait to be talkin to you skypin again haha I won't cry..?(:  Well.. this is my letter this week.. (: And my message. Be happy.
Know that I am there workin with ya and chillin in the house in spirit.! It goes so fast.. I LOVE YOU!
Les Amo y Les Extraño
With All My Heart
Elder Jade M. Petersen

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Hey there biscuit eaters.. (: April 16, 2013

Well it's the flying red tomato here..(: Haha its been hot mi familia.. I have been thinkin of you all alot(: I sure hope you doin great and smilin and acheiving your goals, livin life and doin work.. I received a bunch of letters this week hahah.. 3 from the stake presidency and others.. I recieved one from Ashlyn and Shaylee Fowles that was awesome and made me happy haha, they are so darn cute.. I got one from some little Tolbert girls too haha Shaylees friends.. And then I got some from my buddies in ol delta.. Haha Ridge and some of his buddies wrote me some letters and the seminary teachers sent em.. It was cool to get a letter from, Ridge(: Jaron, Jordan Smith, Logan Smith, Jared Crapo haha and my favorite part in his letter was.. "..don't get jumped or killed." hahaa I laughed. But yup it sure was cool and I was grateful to recieve letters!
Well how are things in the Petersen household. I know it's the same old same old hahah.. I sure do miss that. And all of you.. I love you all so very much and I am so grateful I have your love and support. Your prayers are carryin me, I can feel of them every single day. I can't believe that I almost have a year . And the 2nd year is faster.. Just gonna keep on pushin.. (: I just hope your all doing good, and know that I am praying for you! You guys are the most important part of my life! I am so very grateful for all of you and I am gonna hug the crap outta all of you when I get back and we are gonna make a bunch of awesome memories(: I know that to be true(:
We have been workin hard here.. I have been blessed with a comp. that likes to work, he is really different but I am just grateful that he is here away from his family and willing to work and help me.. We have been workin really hard with a beautiful family and I am certain they will be baptized.. They are so close.. It will be good to see them get dunked haah.. I am just glad to be here workin and learning.. I am truly learnin so dang much. I am so glad I can be here learning with you(: You guys are awesome and the best support any elder could ask for...
Okey dokey.. Well nothin too new.. Just another week down yeah(: It goes fast!! I am so grateful for you all and I am also grateful for the opportunity to be here serving my father in heaven.. I love him and I know he loves me. I trust in him and I know he trusts in me. I am grateful to be a servant in the plan of our maker.. I have been thinkin of a song for you all this week and I have a perfect one haha.. It's one of my favorite songs! If you didn't know, now ya do..(:  I hope you guys have a good week and know that I love you guys! I am thinkin of you 24 7.. Stay happy and BE YOU!
Elder Jade M. Petersen(:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=POTdq8fPH3U "Let the good light guide us.." (:
My favorite talk from conference. If you get a little bit listen to it! I sure learned a lot..
Love you..

Monday, April 8, 2013

April 8,2013 Greetings from Naaaaaacccchooooooooooooooooooooo .... :) Itss da bessst..

Well hey there my family..(: Hope this week was awesome for you guys to.. The time seems like lately it has been goin faster and faster... (: I am so very grateful to be here... I have become so close to our Savior and my Heavenly Father, and my love for my family has increased and grown so much more.. I am comforted by the spirit of Christ everyday in knowing that you are all safe and being loved and blessed and protected(:
Ridge and Kort
 I am so grateful for the blessing to be a brother and a friend to the two biggest studs on this planet.. I am lucky to have you two, in order to learn and lean on.. I love and miss you two more than words.. Keep on bein yourselves and leading with the talents you have been given and look for others to lift up and help out.. "Actions speak louder than words" I can't wait to get back and chill with my bros.. Just keep livin the life and workin and helpin mom and dad.. (Ask them if you can help em out, take the snap(: ) And sooner than you two snawzwanglers and vermishiss kinids know it I will be back and draggin main and doin locuras (crazy things) like lightin fire works off in the mens restroom and doin stunts... Keep practicin your dance moves cause I am gettin scary good.. (: Hopefully we can all go to disneyland or world when I get back(: Love you guys...
 This sucker is sneaky.. I saw him my first day here but he is way fast, I finally got a pic of... "The Beast" I have a video of him to runnin across the tin roof close to our house hahah(:
Mom and Dad
  I love and miss the two biggest earthly examples in my life with all my heart.. I couldn't do this alone, and I wanna tell you both, I am very very grateful for your love, prayers and spirit(: I am lookin forward to the day when I can hug you both and we can sit down and talk about the last twoyears... What a beautiful time that is gonna be, and honestly it is gonna be here before we know it! I have learned and grown up so much in these past nine months haha. 15 more and the mission shall be complete...(: I am gonna make it the best I possibly can...  I have been thinkin a lot during my mission about our savior Jesus Christ.. And I like to imagine that before his earthly ministry here, his farewell with his father and our heavenly father, is a lot like a missionary leaving his family for two years.. I can only imagine the love in their glorified and perfected presence up there in the heavens when Jesus Christ accepted the will of the father and voluntarily left his godly throne and the kingdom of god to minister and atone for all of mankinds sins... I know the life of Jesus Christ was perfect and miraculous... I am so grateful  for his earthly mission and the example he is to me and all of gods children.. Well there is my spiritual message.. I know the mission is a huge sacrifice for all of us, but it's the lords work its true and we are being blessed. I love you both so much.  Thanks for everything.. HAVE A GOOD WEEK(:
Love, Elder Jade Petersen

At conference..L to R (Elder Roberts, Elder Macias, Elder Gomez, Elder Guapo)

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Bueno (: 4/2/2013


Singing with my Uke at the Baptism program...
Good mornin everybody..(: Well here we are in april .. Honestly I didn't even know that it was easter yesterday haha pretty sad. Just different for sure.. I'll be happy when I can just spend the holidays with you guys again haha(: Well.. this past week here is called Semana Santa.. It's pretty much when people go to the beach and nothin is opened and hardly anyone was here to teach ahha.. But nah my easter was good I ate rice(: The food here is really actually pretty good I still have had you know what since last easters but at least it tastes good(: I am just enjoyin everyday haha cause it absolutely flies.. The weeks are like days.. Pretty loco.. This week we had a baptism and I played my uke and sang with four other missionaries..(: It was awesome.. We sang nearer my god to thee haha. And thats like one of the only hymns I know how to play.. But anyway it was cool and lots of people said they felt the spirit a lot.. I know I did.. It's pretty cool to be able to play a Uke here in the mish and I enjoy it a ton! I am gonna buy a few more when I get back home haah I love playin it.. Well we are really workin hard here in tonala I know heavenly father answered my prayer, Im glad to be here in tonala and to be workin hard as senior comp.. It is different to guide an area but its awesome and its jsut what I needed to learn and grow..(: I know it all has purpose..I found out yesterday that Tonala means land of the sun .. go figure..(: O yeah yesterday I saw somethin pretty dang sweet, a dude cruisin on his scooter and he had a shirt that said "Vote For Pedro" I smiled pretty dang big hahah.. Well yeah...

I am so grateful for each and everyone of you, for your love and support and all of your prayers..I can feel them with all my heart.. It sure is amazing.. I know we are being blessed big time throughout this experience.. Just gotta keep on pushin and keep smiling. I wish so bad that I could be home to help you all, work and burn haha, but I feel like IM burnin every hour of the day so dont worry.. I just miss work and all of you.. 3 more months until my year mark... I cannot beleive it.. And the 2nd part is gonna fly.. Well hope you all have and excellent day.. And an excellent week I love you all so much.. (: I am thinkin about you every single day and every single minute just get lost in the work stay busy and the time flies. Pretty soon we will be going into fall again and then Christmas, it all just flies.. I love you guys.. I'd send ya a huge hug if I could hahah.. Well have a good week.. And SMILE(:
Love Elder Petersen(:
Love, Jade(: 
Some good ol' Shrimp Cocktail.... we eat a lot of this in Tonala(:

K see ya March (:

Elder Jones and I at the last Conference
From:Jaden Petersen (jaden.petersen@myldsmail.net)
Another Month has come and gone hahah.. (: next P day I will be writin ya from the first day in April(: Well what a change in the climate haha here in tonalà(: All the memebers here say that march and may are the hottest months hahah lucky me(: Spring is the hottest time of the year here in mexico even tho during the summer its still a laser(: Im really likin it here tho.. I am still kinda gettin the streets down and tryin to get used to the new life but it'll come with time.. I am just happy there is a chapel here haaha and members, and the food is the cats meow right now.. We have two church meetings here in this area on sundays we have one at the chapel and then we drive to Cabeza del Toro and have another meeting in a big open concrete building type place. I like it there more I think cause there is a mango tree outside and there is a nice ocean breeze hha. Tomorrow we are goin to eat in Cabeza del Toro and we are gonna eat Camarron haha shrimp.. Well I am just grateful for the misha and that time is flyin by to be honest.. I miss you guys so much.. BUt I sure am blessed to be experiencing this culture and to be here in mexico serving the lord.. Well we are workin hard.. And I love the saying that goes "What doesnt kill you makes you stronger.." I know that heavenly father loves us and he doesnt ever give us something we arent capable of handling. He gives us challenges to test our faith and to get down on  our knees. I read a quote by Thomas S. Monson in a liahona and it says, "No man stands taller than when he is on his knees.." I truly am grateful for prayer and for the connection it has with heaven.. I feel closer to you guys when I pray and I have gotten real close with my Padre Celestial.. Well there is my weekly spiritual ramble hhaah.. I sure hope all is well and hope that everything is goin just dandy.. I am witnessing so many miracles and blessings.. I know we are being blessed from this and yup in 3 months I am bout to have my year hahaaha... I honestly just cant beleive it.. We had a conference to this past week and the best part was I gotta see my bro here in the mish elder jones for the first time in 7 months hahah.. There was a lot of Joy when we met eyes hahah lets get weird.. He is gonna be a life long friend and its cool we met here in the mish.. He is a stud and im glad I got to see that kid.. You guys are gonna meet him when I get back, He is gonna come to delta with me a lot and we are gonna room together at SUU.. Dont worry Im still attracted to girls. Well hopefully Ridge is enjoyin baseball and the spring season.. What a fun time honestly.. I hope the best for my broª Miss ya chcuck write me and let me know through here sometime next week or somethin.. Kort hopefully soccer is goin awesome to.. I know your ownin fools jsut cause of your colors.. I love ya dude and time is flyin.. Just stay busy and ill be home sooner than ya think and we will be cruisin main haha.. talk mom and dad into buyin me a truck...

Well I just hope all is well I love you all so very much and I am prayin for you guys and thinkin of you all in every second of every day.. Dont worry I have already shown my pic of us I have in my scriptures to everyone I have met here so far.. I am a family oriented dude.. Well I LOVE YOU...   
"When times get tough, Reach out and help someone." Elder Petersen haha weekly quote.. 
Les AMO mucho y Les extraño.. God be with you till we meet again..(:
Talk to you soon(:

My new home... I sleep on the hammock.

TRANSFER :) 03/18/13

Well mi familia I am bein transferred(: Hahah Im headed to tonala.. There are two areas there.. but im goin to tonala 1.. Im bout to be preachin on the beaches!!! I am so stoked to get t o see the ocean and eat seafood!! Hahaha i really am stoked.. right now Im in san cristobal and then tomorrow I will be headed for the coast(: hahah Its gonna be so flippin hot.. But i dont care i got sunscreen and its about to get weird.. I will be sure to send ya tons of pics to(: Im gonna be the senior companion(: So i will be in charge and will be leadin this next area haha elder jones was in tonala 2 but i guess he got ransferred almost had my best friend in the mish in my district but he is close in another city close to where im gonna be.. Well all is well we wwent to the ruins of tonina again today and it was hotter than crap i am just stoked to shower right now hahaah.. Well google tonala, i will be preachin and sdervin gods children in the beaches down there, puerta arista and all of em.. cant wait sorry i didnt write much today just a crazy day and no time.. love you guys all so much.. Kort love you dude and thanks for the email have fun in soccer and rep that black and yellow(: Love ya all.. Your in my prayers(:
Peace out.. Elder Petersen(:

que hay mi querido familia(= 03/04/13


Jaden Petersen (jaden.petersen@myldsmail.net)

Well hey there and good mornin up there in the good ol USA(: I GOT YOUR VALENTINES PACKAGE TO! THANK SO VERY MUCH! I forgot how awesome american food is haha.. I sure am one blessed kid!.. AND I WANT THOSE PRETZEL BITES IN EVEERY PACKAGE(: And hey!!! Congrats on the call to be Primary Teachers!! Haha those are seriously the funnest ones I think! That's awesome.. I think there settin that one up so when I get home there gonna give it to me to keep me goin to church hahaahha.. Nah but that's awesome..  Thanks so very much for the emails, They keep me happy and positive and get me revved back up for every week that comes.. SO thanks!!!!I I was just thinkin and talkin to my comp how much I miss bein home for the sports and everything! We passed a few fields with people playin football well soccer(: And I just can't wait till I can get back and watch Ridge and Kort Do WORK! I miss watchin them stinkin bad! SO you two better just keep doin what your doin and puttin in work! Can't wait to be able to come to all of your games again!
Well good grief the time is flyin this year ha can't beleive we are in March.. So crazy.. 8 months down and two more 8 month chunks to go.. They are gonna straight up fly.. ANd we getta skype in like 2 months again to! SO stoked! Hopefully I won't ball again(: No promises! But yeah crazy crazy.. And 4 full months until I will have a year! Haha it goes by so fast.. But yup nada new to report.. I'm freakin forgetting english well hw to use it properly.. But yeah your right dad its gonna for sure take me a while to get adjusted back and get my mind switched to English mode again.. Haha it's insane how the body adjusts to things.. Like things that would be crazy to see before aren't anymore haha This is giving me a whole new outlook on LIfe and I sure am grateful for it! Well still pushin along with this comp.. He's a dandy haha.. BUt it's all good.. I'm learnin things from him and hopefully he is from me to!
And yup we are going to have transfers in the mission the 18th of this month so very soon 2 weeks exactly I will maybe be in a new area and/or have a new comp... I guess we will see what is gonna happen! The lord knows what needs to happen and where I need to be! Everyday is just another day closer to havin my bros and my family back and that's all that matters.. There is gonna be a ton of new missionaries comin into this mission to this transfer.. And the next big batch will be comin in July.. When I will have a year(:  So yup it all just flies on by! And I'm just lovin it haha I will miss home and you all everyday till I get back but it's normal yeah..(:
O and mom the weather report: It has been a lil chilly here haha seriously! The crazy weather has been insane.. When your used to 90 degreee weather with about 80% humidity it is chilly when the temperture drops into the 70's! It rained all day saturday and cleared out a bit yesterday hah but wow it's a different type of cold! And right now it's like in the 80's with humidity so it's lookin very beautiful.. I think it's supposed to stay like in the 80's the rest of this week but who knows haha there is a saying here..  "No tenemos verano e invierno.  Tenemos verano e infierno."  I'll let you translate that one for yourselves.  It's funnier in Spanish. 
Well I love you ALL more than words can describe and more than you will know.. Can't wait to squeeze ya all at the airport someday over the rainbow.. Hhah honestly it's gonna be here before we know it.. I am amazed how fast the time passes! Just know I love ya.. Thanks for all that you all do! I am prayin for you all so very much and I'm grateful for all the blessings that I am receiving and grateful for the blessing that all of you are to me! I sure love you! HAve a good week it's gonna fly haha..
Con Mucho Amor, Elder Pete!
Love, Jade

FAM..... 02/25/2013

Yajalon Mexico Snowman :-)

Well just a quick little email for all of ya.. I have been told straight up this week by some of our investigators and by the members that they bet I come from a family that is very close.. I just nod my head and smile(: I know that I truly am carrying your love and spirit with me everywhere I go.. Thanks for your prayers and thoughts.. Crazy to think a year ago we where all in México haha and now a year later I'm as south as the border you can get.. chillin in the southern most state(: I look at the pic of me ridge and Kort at Cattalina Island and remember how awesome I have got it.. Just keep smilin..With a purpose, cause there is so much beautiful things to be smiling about. Have an awesome week and look we are in MArch hah times flyin! I love ya'all!! And I'll talk to ya guys very soon..
Love ya! Jade.
p.s. the first restaurant I wanna eat at when I get back is the olive garden hahaha(:

RELY ON THE LORD :-) 2/18/2013

 This is what I eat for breakfast... mango piña. Mango that tastes like a pineapple too!
Well I can't beleive how fast the time goes(: It's crazy..
How are all of you guys doin? I sure hope your all healthy and life is going good! Well this week here in Yajalon was a good one.. It was chilly for a lil bit so that was awesome to feel a change in the weather for once! I even had to use those slippers ya sent mom so that was awesome! Well I sure am learning and growing, which is awesome.. I hope you will see a changed man when I get back after this! Well nothin new here, Hahah I guess it's the same old same old.. I sure hope you guys are doin awesome! I am very glad that the time does go by fast haha cause there is that part of me that will always be missin ya all till I get back but honestly I don't think about it and time flies when you dive into the work and get lost in it.. I have been tryin to do that, it's hard when ya have a companion that doesn't wanna tho! Man it's tough but I know it all has a purpose. I gotta feeling me and Elder Jones are gonna be companions and baptize a whole city.. Nah I know everything has purpose I am for sure learning more and more about my purpose everyday.. I wanna be a leader but I know the lord is in control of everything, I know that he has prepared a way if we are obedient and humble he will give us his love and the blessings will be endless, and I'm reffering to missionary work.. So I've been tryinreally hard lately and I'm learning to rely on him more and more with every single day. When I do this I am truly happy and when I don't do it it's just another feeling.. Well just wanna thank you guys for your prayers and help, cause I sure need em! I LOVE YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH
I hope your all good... And have a good week! I will write ya all again here very soon I love you!
Love Elder Jade Petersen

"Las Grutas" Where we were two weeks ago in San Cristobal a cave place... very pretty.