Elder Petersen has been called to serve in the México Tuxtla Gutiérrez Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He entered the Mission Training Center in Provo, Utah on July 5,2012.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Well I guess it's christmas(: haha.. I can't beleive how fast time
 goes.. It's almost 2013!! Pretty amazing! Well here in Yajalon it doens't
 feel to much like the christmas season! But I am just thankful for my
 family and I am able to focus on the true meaning of christmas! Even tho we
 won't be spending it together I know that my spirit will be with you and I
 will have your spirits and love with me.  Heavenly Father is gonna help us
 out for sure(: Well this week was pretty crazy actually it started
 downpouring wednesday night when we were headed to our house! And it rained
 hard all day thursday.. We were soaked it was insane, my first
 tropical rainstorm but it was insane it was ironic cause it was a downpour
and that was the day the world was supposed to end(: ! There was rivers in
 the streets... crazy stuff haha but it was sweet(: It's supposed to snow
 tomorrow so we'll have to see(: hah(: Anyway everything is goin good! And
 I'm happy(: Hahah I will be happy when I can see you all again too but, I am
 doin good AND TIMES FLYIN(: Well  I've been listenin to Faith Hill
every mornin, the song "Where are you Christmas" hahah that's me song fo
sho!! But yeah..

 Well we have three investigators with a good chance of
bein baptised. I will have to tell ya bout em tomorrow haha. One of em is a
 older lady and she's my grandma here haha(: She gave us a gift for
christmas to! (: A peso form 1973 and a swweeet belt hahah she is so sweet.
 But yeah everything is goin good haha me and my comp don't get along too
 great but we are alright  and he goes home in bout two weeks! But my
 next comp I'm gonna have for bout 10 weeks cause we don't have transfers
 till march! But hopefully he'll be normal haha if not it'll be a long ol
 transfer but it's all good! I'm growin and learnin so much about myself and
I'm so glad I'm here.
 Well hope all is well for you! I sure can't wait to talk to you all
 tomorrow (: Holy crap I'm excited! I have a scripture for you tomorrow ! (:
haha I bout cried when I read it but it's good!(:
 Hope all is well with you don't have to much to write(: But i will be
 watitin to hear from you! Kort and Ridge your studmuffins.. I love ya bro's
 hope santa tips his sleigh over in the house this year(: well love ya guys
 and I'll talk with ya tomorrow bro's..
 I love you mom and dad. I sure miss you! But can't wait to chat it out

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