Elder Petersen has been called to serve in the México Tuxtla Gutiérrez Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He entered the Mission Training Center in Provo, Utah on July 5,2012.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Actin a Monkey.. (: April is in the Building.. MARCH 31, 2014

Alrighty(: Good day (: How are you all doin? Hopefully that all is goin very well up there.. I cannot believe how fast how the time is passin us by! Goes by way to rapido.. I cant wait to see you all again.. It is so very doggone close. well here we are.. Just workin it out and gettin weird.. (Estoy soportando como un chango) Actin like a monkey! We had a really good week.. Another good month of hard work payed off! Lovin it..

This week we had a baptism.. And that made it all good! I am so very grateful for every moment.. Gettin better, and lovin every moment.. I feelin the time grow shorter and shorter but I know that Heavenly Father still has so much in store for me.. Gonna keep on marchin on! I am so very grateful for it.. 

Crazy to think that this transfer we will be talkin.. 6 weeks.. And I will be skypin you all once more.. (: I guess this week General Conference is comin in hot so it will be good too hear from the one and only Prophet Monson.. Really stoked! WATCH IT! 

Well nothin to new.. Sorry my letters are gettin short.. Just how time is I guess.. Flies.. 

I love you all.. I can tell you that.. Heavenly Father loves us.. No matter what we do or what we have done.. He is the Father of our Spirits.. This is his work.. Our Savior Jesus Christ completed his mission. And perfected the work and the glory of his Father.. I am so grateful to be in their work.. 

A bunch of stuff.. LOVIN THE MEMORIES! 

Have a good week.. I love you.. WITH ALL MY HEART. I will be seeing you soon. (: 

Elder Jaden Mark Petersen 

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