Elder Petersen has been called to serve in the México Tuxtla Gutiérrez Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He entered the Mission Training Center in Provo, Utah on July 5,2012.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

que hay mi querido familia(= 03/04/13


Jaden Petersen (jaden.petersen@myldsmail.net)

Well hey there and good mornin up there in the good ol USA(: I GOT YOUR VALENTINES PACKAGE TO! THANK SO VERY MUCH! I forgot how awesome american food is haha.. I sure am one blessed kid!.. AND I WANT THOSE PRETZEL BITES IN EVEERY PACKAGE(: And hey!!! Congrats on the call to be Primary Teachers!! Haha those are seriously the funnest ones I think! That's awesome.. I think there settin that one up so when I get home there gonna give it to me to keep me goin to church hahaahha.. Nah but that's awesome..  Thanks so very much for the emails, They keep me happy and positive and get me revved back up for every week that comes.. SO thanks!!!!I I was just thinkin and talkin to my comp how much I miss bein home for the sports and everything! We passed a few fields with people playin football well soccer(: And I just can't wait till I can get back and watch Ridge and Kort Do WORK! I miss watchin them stinkin bad! SO you two better just keep doin what your doin and puttin in work! Can't wait to be able to come to all of your games again!
Well good grief the time is flyin this year ha can't beleive we are in March.. So crazy.. 8 months down and two more 8 month chunks to go.. They are gonna straight up fly.. ANd we getta skype in like 2 months again to! SO stoked! Hopefully I won't ball again(: No promises! But yeah crazy crazy.. And 4 full months until I will have a year! Haha it goes by so fast.. But yup nada new to report.. I'm freakin forgetting english well hw to use it properly.. But yeah your right dad its gonna for sure take me a while to get adjusted back and get my mind switched to English mode again.. Haha it's insane how the body adjusts to things.. Like things that would be crazy to see before aren't anymore haha This is giving me a whole new outlook on LIfe and I sure am grateful for it! Well still pushin along with this comp.. He's a dandy haha.. BUt it's all good.. I'm learnin things from him and hopefully he is from me to!
And yup we are going to have transfers in the mission the 18th of this month so very soon 2 weeks exactly I will maybe be in a new area and/or have a new comp... I guess we will see what is gonna happen! The lord knows what needs to happen and where I need to be! Everyday is just another day closer to havin my bros and my family back and that's all that matters.. There is gonna be a ton of new missionaries comin into this mission to this transfer.. And the next big batch will be comin in July.. When I will have a year(:  So yup it all just flies on by! And I'm just lovin it haha I will miss home and you all everyday till I get back but it's normal yeah..(:
O and mom the weather report: It has been a lil chilly here haha seriously! The crazy weather has been insane.. When your used to 90 degreee weather with about 80% humidity it is chilly when the temperture drops into the 70's! It rained all day saturday and cleared out a bit yesterday hah but wow it's a different type of cold! And right now it's like in the 80's with humidity so it's lookin very beautiful.. I think it's supposed to stay like in the 80's the rest of this week but who knows haha there is a saying here..  "No tenemos verano e invierno.  Tenemos verano e infierno."  I'll let you translate that one for yourselves.  It's funnier in Spanish. 
Well I love you ALL more than words can describe and more than you will know.. Can't wait to squeeze ya all at the airport someday over the rainbow.. Hhah honestly it's gonna be here before we know it.. I am amazed how fast the time passes! Just know I love ya.. Thanks for all that you all do! I am prayin for you all so very much and I'm grateful for all the blessings that I am receiving and grateful for the blessing that all of you are to me! I sure love you! HAve a good week it's gonna fly haha..
Con Mucho Amor, Elder Pete!
Love, Jade

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