Elder Petersen has been called to serve in the México Tuxtla Gutiérrez Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He entered the Mission Training Center in Provo, Utah on July 5,2012.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

K see ya March (:

Elder Jones and I at the last Conference
From:Jaden Petersen (jaden.petersen@myldsmail.net)
Another Month has come and gone hahah.. (: next P day I will be writin ya from the first day in April(: Well what a change in the climate haha here in tonalà(: All the memebers here say that march and may are the hottest months hahah lucky me(: Spring is the hottest time of the year here in mexico even tho during the summer its still a laser(: Im really likin it here tho.. I am still kinda gettin the streets down and tryin to get used to the new life but it'll come with time.. I am just happy there is a chapel here haaha and members, and the food is the cats meow right now.. We have two church meetings here in this area on sundays we have one at the chapel and then we drive to Cabeza del Toro and have another meeting in a big open concrete building type place. I like it there more I think cause there is a mango tree outside and there is a nice ocean breeze hha. Tomorrow we are goin to eat in Cabeza del Toro and we are gonna eat Camarron haha shrimp.. Well I am just grateful for the misha and that time is flyin by to be honest.. I miss you guys so much.. BUt I sure am blessed to be experiencing this culture and to be here in mexico serving the lord.. Well we are workin hard.. And I love the saying that goes "What doesnt kill you makes you stronger.." I know that heavenly father loves us and he doesnt ever give us something we arent capable of handling. He gives us challenges to test our faith and to get down on  our knees. I read a quote by Thomas S. Monson in a liahona and it says, "No man stands taller than when he is on his knees.." I truly am grateful for prayer and for the connection it has with heaven.. I feel closer to you guys when I pray and I have gotten real close with my Padre Celestial.. Well there is my weekly spiritual ramble hhaah.. I sure hope all is well and hope that everything is goin just dandy.. I am witnessing so many miracles and blessings.. I know we are being blessed from this and yup in 3 months I am bout to have my year hahaaha... I honestly just cant beleive it.. We had a conference to this past week and the best part was I gotta see my bro here in the mish elder jones for the first time in 7 months hahah.. There was a lot of Joy when we met eyes hahah lets get weird.. He is gonna be a life long friend and its cool we met here in the mish.. He is a stud and im glad I got to see that kid.. You guys are gonna meet him when I get back, He is gonna come to delta with me a lot and we are gonna room together at SUU.. Dont worry Im still attracted to girls. Well hopefully Ridge is enjoyin baseball and the spring season.. What a fun time honestly.. I hope the best for my broª Miss ya chcuck write me and let me know through here sometime next week or somethin.. Kort hopefully soccer is goin awesome to.. I know your ownin fools jsut cause of your colors.. I love ya dude and time is flyin.. Just stay busy and ill be home sooner than ya think and we will be cruisin main haha.. talk mom and dad into buyin me a truck...

Well I just hope all is well I love you all so very much and I am prayin for you guys and thinkin of you all in every second of every day.. Dont worry I have already shown my pic of us I have in my scriptures to everyone I have met here so far.. I am a family oriented dude.. Well I LOVE YOU...   
"When times get tough, Reach out and help someone." Elder Petersen haha weekly quote.. 
Les AMO mucho y Les extraño.. God be with you till we meet again..(:
Talk to you soon(:

My new home... I sleep on the hammock.

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