Elder Petersen has been called to serve in the México Tuxtla Gutiérrez Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He entered the Mission Training Center in Provo, Utah on July 5,2012.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tryin To Stuff A Turkey Through The Beak‏ July 22, 2013


   How are all of you doin??(: I sure hope that this week was awesome for you all and that life is goin good.. I think about you all so much, miss you all more than you know, I'm grateful for each and everyone of you and your thoughts and prayers on my behalf.  This has got to be the fastest time has ever passed me by in my life. I cannot believe the way it has been goin lately.. I will say that everytime I'm sure but wow it is flying by! I want you to know that I love you so much and that I am prayin for you and thinkin bout you all the time.. Well I was just gonna tell you mom to.. in the next package you sent me I want ome beef jerky and a dr. pepper hahaah.. and would ya throw in there a short sleeve shirt.. size 15: 1/2 hah yep I am a toothpick(: but if you could do that the next package I would love that. (: n some new photos like of around the house and everyone and everything.. 

  I just have really learned that we need to walk by faith in all we do. Miracles will come from it if we do it, and if we are patient, kind, and forgiving.  Well we had transfers again this past week and nothin new. Me and Elder Ahumada are gonna be here in Tonalá for another transfer.. There is a ton of work still to be done here, and we are about see what our Lord has in store these next 6 weeks for us and Tonalá. Well e had a baptism to this past week it was awesome!! She is truly a convert it's been cool seeing the gospel change her life.. I was able to baptize her it was awesome.. Cool to be apart of that in peoples lives.. We had a date for the dad of the family we have been teachin to but he never showed up to his interview. We are gonna continue to visit him and his family, I sure am not the type of person that is gonna give up on people. But there is a ton of work, to be done and we bout to do work. I am so grateful to be here! Even though its freakin hot and nasty humid(: Just gotta love it. I know that there is purpose to everything in this life.. It's up to us to take advantage of the oppurtunity when it's in our hands(: I know the mission is slowly windin down, and honestly it scares me, I will give this work absolutely all I have until I am headin to that Tuxtla Aeropuerto.. I testify what Elder Holland said is true "I know this work is God’s very truth, and I know that only at our peril would we allow doubt or devils to sway us from its path. Hope on. Journey on. Honestly acknowledge your questions and your concerns, but first and forever fan the flame of your faith, because all things are possible to them that believe."
  Well I just want you all to know how much that I love you, and I am forever grateful for my awesome family. I hope that you can all feel of the blessings and the love that I feel.. I hope that you have an awesome week, be safe and be happy(: 

With all my love and prayers, and until next week,
-- Elder Jade M.Petersen 

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