Elder Petersen has been called to serve in the México Tuxtla Gutiérrez Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He entered the Mission Training Center in Provo, Utah on July 5,2012.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Interesting Week(: JUNE 3, 2013

Well you bet, here we are in Junio folks! I cannot believe how fast the time is passing us by, but yup we all know that is cruises.. This week was really saweet.. I got to witness some serious power getting weird comin off the Pacific Ocean.. ¡Puro Poder! It was insane!  Tonalà and Arriaga up to Oaxaca's Puerto Angel got hit the worst.. It was incredible, to be living inside of it haha. Made me realize how weak we are honestly.... It was crazy watching the buses and cars driving through the water.. Really different. We helped a lot of people clean up and yup we be doin work todavìa! The people say that the tropical storms pass through here or hurricanes very often, so I'm sure we will be having plenty of water, I was happy tho cause it felt pretty good after it had been raining all week the weather wasn't straight humid and hot it was a bit cool(:.. Crazy crazy how different the world is everywhere you go. We had some sweet critters rounded up in our house after Barbara swept through to. A ton of little lizards and dos Scorpions.. Very crazy! But we had dinner. (:
Honestly I learned a ton this week so it was good.. I am just grateful that I am safe and that nothin happened. Pretty blessed to have my family and friends, know I'm prayin for you all just as you are for me. Get it right!

I am sure missing the good ol Summer days, straight up working hard and playing hard(:  Miss it.. Enjoy it extra for me and I will enjoy this water! This week I learned again that even we you do all you can in the mish, It has to be the perfect timing. The will of Lord, He knows when it is time. We are learnin alot here in Tonalà, but we are working tough to find those lost sheep! I am just lovin every minute. The days are full of life lessons and awesome memories. Wish I had a video camera every minute, it is just really beautiful everything that happens.. Most of the time. 

Well I am just proud and so very grateful for all of you.. I miss you more than anything. This time in one year, I will have 2 weeks left! Pretty crazy(: Just going to enjoy this next bit! I am feeling good and ready for whatever I need to experience, I know we are being watched over by the lord 24/7. He is blessing us. I am so grateful for all you are doin for me! Stay happy and keep goin.. I will do the same thing, you can count on that. I love you! 

Love Elder Jade Mark Petersen

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