Elder Petersen has been called to serve in the México Tuxtla Gutiérrez Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He entered the Mission Training Center in Provo, Utah on July 5,2012.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

MTC...."Another Day in Paradise..."

Hey Dad, Mom, Ridge & Kort!

Well... Another Day in Paradise here!!  I had a really cool day today (Monday).  Well we taught an "Investigator" from Mexico.  I can't tell if he's mormon or not...:-)  Anyway, I asked him where he was from and he is from Veracruz.  He told us a lot about Tuxtla!  It was so cool, he said he lived there for a bit and told me a lot about it!
He said the people that live ther are quite poor.  For the most part it is a very clean city.  He also said that the people of Tuxtla are very Humble.  The food is great.... Rice and Black Beans, and Beef!  No tacos, just tamales :-)  He also said there is a lot of Ruins and its like a Jungle!  I wanted to get all excited and jump up..... He really explained it to be a cool place!  Anyway I was stoked :-)

Well tomorrow (Tuesday) we (everyone going to Tuxtla) except Elder Bassett.... Are going to Salt Lake to finalize our visas.  It is gonna be good to get out of town for a bit!

There isn't too much new goin on!  I miss ya sooo much still............................
I'm glad sissy is healing up.  Same with 2:40.... Eyes on the prize ..kid! :-)

Mom,  I'm sure you got my email, but my one gay request is Abercrombie & Fitch cologne!!  Por Favor :-)  maybe even 2 bottles.

Anyway, I hope everything is goin good!  I'm prayin nonstop for ya'll.  And time is flyin.  So that's BUENO.  Dad thanks for all the encouragement,  I appreciate it!!  Love ya.

Hope you ALL KNOW How much I Love each and every one of you!!  And I know I was stubborn and took things for granted a lot!!  But I guess that's all a part of this learning sacrifice!

I'm beyond grateful to be out here doing this!!  Ridge & Kort... Have fun startin school!  Enjoy every second!! your gonna be on a mish before you think!

1 Timothy Chap 6:12   "FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT"!!!
Elder Pete

Elder Petersen & Elder Nielson(Ken & Jeanine's Son from Cedar City)

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